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Monday, 04 June 2018 15:10

Obituary : Comrade Vaskar Nandi

COMRADE Vaskar Nandy, General Secretary of PCC-CPI(ML), passed away 4th May early morning. He was under treatment for cancer for one and half years. He was part of the generation who were inspired by the Naxalbari Uprising and joined the CPI(ML) movement. He went to Assam for party building and was active in the movement in Assam and North Bengal, and later at all India level. As the movement splintered in early 1970s, like others who continued the revolutionary activities he also actively participated in the ideological struggle and was engaged in rebuilding the movement along with like-minded comrades. At the time of his departure he was 80, and was re-elected as the GS of the organization in the recently held Congress.

Under his leadership PCC-CPI(ML) and our Party, CPI(ML) Red Star, maintained close relations and the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising was organized last year at Naxalbari jointly by us along with MKP. PCC was actively supporting the Bhangar movement. Our WB state committees along with MKP and PCC are working in close coordination. At this juncture, his departure is a great loss to the movement. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Central Committee of the PCC, to his family and to all his friends and comrades. 

On Vaskar Nandy

EMINENT Communist Revolutionary and general secretary of the Provincial Central Committee (PCC) of the CPI (ML), Bhaskar Nandy passed away on 4th May in a hospital at Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. He was 80. Nandy, the man who was in charge of the Communist Revolutionary movement in Assam in 70’s, was suffering from Cancer for the last one and a half year, CPI(ML) assistant general secretary Subhas Deb said in a statement.

Born on April 5, 1938, Nandy, who obtained a chemical engineering degree from London University, went to the US to pursue his post-graduation in sociology from Columbia University. He also taught sociology in Columbia University before joining the Communist Revolutionary movement in 1967. Nandy had joined the Communist Revolutionary movement after he came into contact with Charu Majumdar, the legendary father figure of the Communist Revolutionary movement. The veteran communist leader gave up his prestigious job, and even his family in USA, to dedicate and devote to the cause of the movement. He became a whole-timer of the party and never gone back to USA. Nady took charge of the Communist Revolutionary movement in Assam as deputed by Charu Majumdar. When the murder of Charu Mazumdar and killing of thousands of Communist Revolutionaries led to the disintegration CPI (ML), Nandy reorganised the movement in Assam, Tripura and parts of Bihar and Bengal by forming the unity committee.

“As the main ideologue of the PCC, Nandy initiated the debate in the Naxal movement favouring mass movement and mass organisations along with armed action and organisations,” said Deb. “The Naxalite movement was perhaps the only proper political movement in the country since Independence which, if successful, could have changed the country’s history and economics,” Nandy once said regarding the movement.

Deb said that while he had opposed Assamese Chauvinism and Bodo ethnic cleansing massacres against minorities, tribals and Adivasi’s of Assam, he was equally determined and vociferous in his opposition to Bengali Chauvinism. Elected general secretary of the party in its all India Congress in November, 2017, Nady’s death is mourned by various working class organisations besides CPI (ML).

Biplab Mukherjee

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