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Monday, 02 July 2018 11:46


AFTER the heroic people’s movement in which 13 people became martyrs on 22 May police firing, the TN government has closed down the plant. But many environmentalists and activists have raised the serious question whether the closure order is water tight enough to prevent the company from sneaking back through court orders! Some of them have pointed out that the Tamilnadu Government is playing a drama now. It has issued an order stating the permanent closure of M/s Vedanta Ltd Copper Plant, Thoothukudi, endorsing the Pollution Control Board’s earlier order in this regard. Order is said to have issued under Sec.18(1)(b) of the Water Act. This is an eye wash. Firstly, this is a non-speaking order and no reasons stated for such closure. Secondly, Sec.18 does not empower the State to issue Closure order for a company. This may not stand in court, even for a day!

Order should have been issued under Section.5 of Environment (Protection) Act and Sec.33A of the Water Act. Order should have contained the details of the Water Pollution caused, mention the reports, evidences, public protest and series of violations caused by the company till date. Order should contain the logical reason for rejecting the arguments of the company and reason for such closure.

Present closure order is an eyewash; it is issued only to help Vedanta. This is the child of a conspiracy between Vedanta and TN Govt. Now, TN Government will escape from all their culpable Nexus with the Vedanta by putting all blame on Judiciary. People and their struggle for survival will once again be defeated by nasty political dramas. In this situation the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, should be asked not to play with the life of people. Re-issue the Closure Order after following the due process of law. 

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