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Monday, 02 July 2018 15:00


IT was after lot of uncertainties and Trump once announcing its cancellation, the US- North Korean summit took place at Singapore on 12th June. It was after side-lining the strong objections from the well entrenched and hegemonic US establishment, which does not like any change in the present balance of forces, which all the former presidents obediently served and strengthened, the present president Trump because of his maverick character, changed his tone and decided to hold the summit talks with North Korean president for denuclearization of North East Asia. The positive fall outs of such a move are already evident. After a very long gap the North and South Korean leaders met and decided to sign peace treaty leading to close bi-lateral relations. It is based on these calculations the peace loving progressive world opinion supported this summit. But the US hawks are for a Libyan like solution including an invasion, destruction of all nuclear armaments and annihilation of Kim and his followers. Because of decades of arrogance from the numerous hegemonic aggressive actions and the ‘world’s policeman role’ they have assigned to themselves, these hawks refuse to recognize that North Korea has a nuclear teeth reachable up to US!

Once the US-DPRK summit has taken place leading to a denuclearization accord, Trump and the imperialist media are highlighting Kim’s agreement for destroying all nuclear arsenals and making Korean peninsula a nuclear free zone. The people of South and North Korea and nearby regions, scared of a US-DPRK nuclear confrontation, will be happy about this outcome of the summit. But so long as the US and other major nuclear powers maintain their huge nuclear arsenal for hegemonic purposes, can denuclearization of Korea alone free the world from nuclear war threat, or DPRK from a Libya like aggression by the US establishment? Will US implement its security guarantees to DPRK, will it allow re-union of the two Koreas, withdrawal of its 30,000 forces from South Korea and agree to peace in the region? Among these skepticisms, two important factors, China’s major role in encouraging this accord, and the weakening of the US imperialists’ economic power, may have played important roles in convincing Kim to go ahead with it, in spite of bitter memories about past US crimes against Korean people. To give peace a chance is a good step, and all peace loving people should extend good wishes to Korean people, not to the imperialist bully, Trump. 

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