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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:03


WHILE Sangh Parivar is engaged in a hectic post-truth campaign against Tharoor’s “Hindu Pakistan” statement, and the Congress is apologetic about it, the ‘saffron nationalists’ leading the Indian state have once again betrayed the country’s national interests abjectly surrendering to US diktats. At a time when imperialist China is effectively resisting US imperialism by increasing the import of crude oil from Iran and imposing additional tariffs on US imports, the Modi regime has already taken steps to reduce its low-cost oil imports from Iran to zero by November 2018, thereby completely falling in line with US imperialist sanctions. As cheap oil imports from Iran is dwindling, imports of costly oil in to India from the US has doubled in the meanwhile exerting further pressure on India’s balance of payments and consequent decline in the exchange value of the rupee relative to the dollar, coupled with other domestic repercussions.

The sanction against Iran is not at all mediated through the UN. It is unilateral and is thoroughly motivated by Yankee imperialist interests. Several countries of the world are resisting the US writ from the perspective of their own sovereign national interests. But the pseudo Indian nationalists wielding the government, being afraid of the US have already started its bootlicking at the cost of India’s national and people’s interests.

Of course, this should not be construed as an aberration on the part of Hindutva nationalism, but is inherent in its class character. In continuation of its extreme servility to colonial Britain during the independence struggle, the RSS has been consistent in its dependency on US imperialism, the postwar international policeman. In the early 1970s, when US imperialism was totally isolated from international community on account of one of history’s most gruesome massacre unleashed by it on Vietnamese people, only the RSS was there to whitewash the Yankees. In a letter to the then US president Johnson and entrusted with A B Vajpayee in 1971, the RSS chief Golwalker wrote: “By God’s grace the USA is the leader of the free world. Dharma and Adharma are today engaged in a worldwide war. In this war, the USA heads the side of the Dharma.”

Therefore, in view of this consistent servitude to US, it makes no sense in expecting anything different from Golwalker’s contemporary disciples ruling India today. No wonder, it is also quite logical that the Congress still pursuing soft-Hindutva and other so called opposition parties having no fundamental difference with the BJP’s ultra-rightist policies and incapable of a political campaign against the saffron fascist threat become mere apologists of BJP’s pseudo-nationalism.

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