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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:31


THE miraculous extraction of 12 boys aged between 11 and 17 and their 25 year-old coach in Thailand is the outcome of an internationally coordinated and time-bound rescue operation. According to reports, more than half of the 90 rescue workers including 18 highly trained and experienced cave divers who did the most dangerous part of the entire operation were from other countries. The death of 38-year old diver, Saman Gunan in the middle of the rescue effort did cast doubt on the possibility of bringing out the children. But in view of the impending rise in water in the cave, the rescuers have no option for any delay in their efforts.

The Thai rescue effort and the spirit of sacrifice and dedication behind it remind us of the 2010 Copiapo mine collapse in Chile, where 33 miners trapped under-ground 2,300 ft in the darkness and 5 kilometers away from the mine’s entrance via spiraling underground ramps, were rescued after 69 days. And the first symptoms that they were still alive got only after 17 days of the accident. Along with the Chilean govt., the international community fully cooperated in the rescueoperation. Miners were rescued and brought to the surface one-by–one in a specially built capsule.

While such a heart-warming, inspiring and internationally coordinated effort to save the lives of children has been successful in Thailand, and as they are on their way to join with their parents and loved ones, it is heart-rending that the ruling classes of the biggest imperialist power were engaged in ripping children from their immigrant and refugee parents and dumping them in detention centres attached to military bases. Children everywhere are victims of man-made catastrophes and are becoming the prime targets of international capital’s policies. As the Thailand rescue effort underscores, while advances in science and technology are sufficient enough to provide a decent living comprising food, heath, education and recreation to all children, capital’s insatiable greed is the only stumbling block preventing this and in every 10 seconds one child in the world is dying due to lack of food and other basic amenities of life. While these lines are written, hundreds of thousands of hapless children are becoming the worst victims of the ongoing US-sponsored wars in West Asia. And the corporate media is silent on such violence inflicted on world’s children

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