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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:41


The recent Trump-Putin summit at Helsinki in which Trump confessed to rectify the hitherto hostile relations maintained by the US administration under former presidents, and his decision to move closer to Russia are opposed by the status-quoists everywhere including in the US. But for those who seriously follow the hitherto US approach towards Soviet Union, the Trump’s move will not be a surprise. Presently when the relationship of EU and US towards Russia is hostile, even reaching an explosive phase during the Ukrainian conflict, the Putin regime was moving closer to China. As China is the principal antagonist for the US now, it is necessary to move closer to Russia to weaken its relation with China. In the present multi-polar world situation, Trump is moving fast to strengthen its domination internationally by by becoming closer to Putin.

In the post-Second World War period, when the socialist camp was posing increasing challenges to US led imperialist camp, CIA played a major role to demolish the socialist camp by effectively utilizing the revisionist shift of Soviet Union. Similarly, following the dispatch of military to Afghanistan, as the social imperialist SU was posing greater challenges, the services of Gorbachev was utilized to disintegrate the SU. Some of the recent studies expose the role of CIA and the Soros like agency heads in this demolition. We are reproducing this study to show how consistent the US is in its struggle against communism as well as in utilizing emerging situations to reconstruct its hegemonic policies – Red Star

GORBACHEV confessed during a speech at the North American university in Turkey: “The goal of my life was the annihilation of communism ... my wife fully supported me and she understood it even before I did [...] to achieve it I managed to find comrades in the struggle, among them AN Yakovlev and Shevardnadze.”

Recently the CIA declassified some documents stating that “the financial tycoon George Soros and the CIA, helped Gorbachev to provide the subsequent dissolution of the USSR”. Gorbachev confessed during a speech at the American university in Turkey: “The goal of my life was the annihilation of communism ... my wife fully supported me and she understood it even before [...] I managed to find comrades of struggle, among them AN Yakovlev and Shevardnadze. “ On them the analyst and former employee of the NSA, National Security Agency, Wayne Madsen, said that the billionaire George Soros, provided in 1987 economic coverage, the government of Mikhail Gorbachev, through a CIA NGO known as the Institute of East-West Security Studies, IEWSS, for its acronym in English.

The information exposes that Soros and the CIA promoted the dissemination of two terms orchestrated from the West in those years, the “Perestroika” (opening) and the “Glasnost” (transparency) so that both served as a destabilizing entity in accelerating the disappearance of the USSR .These documents of the CIA prove that what happened was not the product of a “spontaneous and democratizing” act of Gorbachev, because the socialist system was “exhausted and broken,” as they want to make the world believe.

In Turkey, Gorbachev himself stated: “To achieve this I took advantage of my position in the Party and in the country, I had to replace the entire leadership of the CPSU and the USSR, as well as the leadership of all the socialist countries of Europe.” The truth is that it was the CIA with the money of the Soros Organization, who designed and executed that great operation, with all the support of the then Soviet leader.

Former analyst Wayne Madsen says the plan designed to eliminate the Eastern European socialist bloc was organized by two co-chairs of Soros’ IEWWS, Joseph Nye, a Harvard economist, and Withney MacMillan, president of the multinational group Cargill, who had maintained relations trade with the Soviet Union in the seventies of the twentieth century. Not satisfied with the results achieved, in 1991 the CIA and Soros focused their efforts on provoking a strong blow in the new Russian Federation, stimulating separatism in their regions in order to weaken it to the maximum.

The report by Nye and MacMillan, augurs the end of the Soviet Union and the elements of the new model for Moscow’s future relations with the United States, to move to the capitalist era, and, according to them, “any new evaluation of the relations of The West with an open Soviet Union has to start from a position of strength instead of a balance of power.” The IEWWS report dated 1987, and its practical application, was a bloodless way of tearing apart the USSR in stages. The document urges the West to take advantage of the dying Soviet Union, in the new geopolitical map that was looming, particularly in the Third World, an area that until then had been of Soviet influence.

Madsen notes that Soros and his allied “human rights” organizations worked actively to destroy the Russian Federation, supported the independence movements in Kuzbass (Siberia), through the German right-wingers seeking to restore Königsberg and East Prussia, and they financed to Lithuanian nationalists and other autonomous republics and regions such as Tatarstan, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, among others, with the purpose of stimulating separatism in the so-called Soviet Socialist Autonomous Republics.

The interventionist activity of Soros against Russia has not stopped, it has increased provocatively through its operative bases distributed in the surrounding territories, in particular Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, joined terrorist coalition groups in coalition with Ukrainian fascists and Moldovan Zionist neo-Nazis.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin expelled several Soros organizations such as the Open Society Foundation and other CIA NGOs operating in similar circumstances on Russian territory, including the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), the Republican Institute International, the MacArthur Foundation and the Freedom House, considering them as undesirable and a threat to the ecurity of the Russian State. Not for pleasure Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel. 

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