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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:49


THE newest international feature is the intensification of the trade war day by day, initiated by the Trump regime. It is a ‘war by other means’ for imposing its hegemony in a multi-polar world, where US imperialism is confronting increasing challenges in all fields. Responding to US, China and soon the EU and Russia are forced to enter in to the fray, using trade war for their own benefit. But, refusing to analyze the intricacies of the present phase of neo-colonization, many lackeys of imperialism and comprador economists are trying to argue, that it is the end of globalization and WTO like institutions.

On the contrary, while the globalization/neo-liberal policies will be continued as a weapon to subdue and loot the very large number of neo-colonially dependent countries like India, in addition to it the trade war, as a manifestation of the inter-imperialist contradiction, is going to be intensified, along with its grave fall outs to shift the burden of the increasing crises confronted by the global imperialist finance capital system to the oppressed peoples and nations. This changing new scenario calls for concrete studies by the revolutionary forces to further develop their path of struggle for overthrowing the imperialist system and its lackeys and compradors. 

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