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Friday, 07 September 2018 10:18


KERALA, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, parts of Karnataka and many other areas, especially almost all of Kerala is faced acute problems due to unprecedented rains, floods and natural calamities. Hundreds have already died and hundreds of thousands of families are shifted to relief camps. These are mostly the consequences of climate change following ecological destruction. Long term solution calls for serious stock taking and rectification. This flood in Kerala following heavy rainfall within short period has given more lessons than thousands of speeches on impending ecological catastrophe.

When Gadgil Report explained the devastation done to Western Ghats region, how it is going to adversely affect the ecological equilibrium, and suggested preventive measures to overcome it, almost all ruling and opposition parties in the state along with religious and heads of caste organizations had joined hands to bury it through violent agitations. Though the imperialist propped development paradigm, especially from 1970s onwards had become devastating to nature, anyone raising it was rebuffed as ecological fundamentalist! This year’s heavy monsoon rains is not the end. Under climate change caused by ecological destruction these climate variations may become frequent more severe in coming days. A rethinking on the development paradigm is immediately needed.

But once the floods started devastating vast areas, almost all the people joined hands in taking up excellent relief work which reduced the death and damages greatly. The services of local youth along with the fisher-people who joined it along with their boats should be specially mentioned. Though prime minister Narendra Modi made air survey of the flood devastated Kerala from 17th August evening and he has received reports from the state government, he has offered just Rs 500 crores only as immediate relief. What the people of Kerala demand is the urgent declaration of the flood havoc in the state as a national calamity and urgent relief of Rs 2000 crores as the state government has asked for. As the rains have receded, thousands of crores worth relief work and materials are required for rehabilitation. We appeal for more active people’s participation in the relief and rehabilitation work without waiting for gifts from top. Similarly the struggling pro-gressive forces should join hands to launch a vigorous campaign against the reactionary policies of the ruling system which is creating ecological catastrophe. 

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