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Friday, 07 September 2018 10:30


OVER 40 lakh people are left out of the draft National Register of Citizens published today with the consolation that all of them can apply for further checking of the details till the final list is published in September. It shows that a very large number of present citizens are going to be declared illegal residents. It is an inhuman process. What is required is a political decision declaring all present population as citizens. Any other move shall only turn Assam in to another area of turmoil. We strongly condemn the present process which is going to create another human catastrophe.

The migrant question has become extremely complex and universal under neo-colonial offensive by imperialist powers and the comprador regimes in the neo-colonially dependent countries. Everywhere the ruling classes are trying to utilize increasing migrant question to intensify their divisive politics spreading racial, communal, casteist hatred. Internationally it is the task of working class and all progressive democratic forces to expose this imperialist design and fight it.

In South Asia the communal division of British India and the divide and rule policy of British along with the deportation of millions to work in plantations, mines etc have given rise to very complex migrant question especially in the North-eastern region. Instead of resolving it politically, hitherto governments had only tried to use it for election politics. In 2015 they amended the migration act communally denying the rights given to Hindus and other religious followers to Muslims. Utilizing this, the RSS parivar has communalized the issue extensively for coming to power in Assam. They want to perpetuate and spread this heinous move to consolidate power. The present draft NRC prepared allegedly under supervision of the SC is going to serve their purpose. They are trying to spread this move to Bengal and other North-eastern states, intensifying communal turmoil in the whole region and in other states. This is going to intensify the tensions among all countries in South Asia also.

The progressive secular democratic forces should not get swayed by this imperialist promoted RSS scheme. Understanding the complexity of the migrant question in the present neo-colonial situation, going beyond chauvinist positions and uncompromisingly fighting against forces trying to create communal and racial divisions, they should strive for a humanistic and internationalist approach to solve the problem. Let us get united to take such an approach joining hands across religious, state and national boundaries.

Spreading the Hindu fundamentalist agenda, the RSS parivar is claiming to champion the rights of the original inhabitants of Assam and other North-eastern states to save them from migrants! So they are on the way of creating a human tragedy by declaring four million inhabitants as illegal migrants in the draft NRC report. Their leaders are arrogantly talking about the need for such NRC reports and follow up actions in Bengal and other North-eastern states also! That is their Brahminical solution to the migrant question created from the colonial days and intensified under present neo-colonial devastation!

But after US imperialism, the Modi government is the closest ally of Israel created by planned migration of millions of Jews reducing the original inhabitants, the Palestinians in to a minority and then enslaving them in to ghettos which are frequently attacked brutally to discipline them! What the RSS parivar is talking about the migrants in Northeast is not applicable to their Zionist friends! As migration and deprivation of the masses is caused by the imperialist system through barbarous actions starting from the colonial days and intensified following the imposition of neoliberal policies in 1970s, only imperialist lackeys can talk about it delinking it from imperialist loot and hegemony! 

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