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Friday, 07 September 2018 11:33


FOR the last few days following the death of former BJP prime minister AB Vajpayee, the ruling establishment led by BJP and the corporate media are celebrating it as a national loss! He is glorified as a great statesman by them. Congress and other ruling class parties in the opposition are joining in this mourning. Yes, without any doubt he was one of the prominent ruling class leaders who led the ruling system in an ultra rightist path, while pushing forward the saffronization of the society. He should be evaluated as a guiding light of the Brahminical Hindurashtra dynasty sought to be established by the RSS, who intensified the neoliberal raj and further impoverished the masses. In spite of the chattering by the corporate media neither he could take any significant step towards basically improving the relations with the neighbouring countries also. He was a comprador political leader who ensured continuation of India as a neo-colonially dependent country in more reactionary ways. 

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