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Friday, 07 September 2018 11:35


DESPITE all his crafty skills Vajpayee was never a Secular person in his core. The extremely calculated yet inflamatory propaganda and ‘dislike’ (if not hate) speach is not hidden before anyone. To cite a few occasions it is placed on record the role played by him during the anti-reservation campaign in early 80s, the anti-Muslim speach in Assam elections in 1983, Advani’s rath yatra, against the implementation of Mandal Commission report ensuring reservation to people from OBC background, the speach ahead of the demolition of Babri Masjid and so on so forth.

Today we hear Modi’s and Amit Shah’s poisonous propaganda about immigrant Muslims in North East, however Vajpayee has been the true missionary and classical champion of the Communal-Casteist-Fascist politics that combined Hindutva corporates and corporatisation of Hindutva through his art and craft. Vajpayee was utterly loyal to RSS. He believed in a nation based on the ideology of Hindutva - in Cultural Nationalism, in Hindu Rastra. For his entire life he consistently worked to convert the concept of Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India into Hindu land. The pitrubu and punyabu as referred by Savarkar framed the kingpin of his ideology. He was closely associated with Golwalkar popularly known as Guruji. He followed every aspect of Hindutva in letter and spirit.

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