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Thursday, 30 March 2017 08:50

Hate Campaign, Inherent Part of Politics of Imperialists and Their Lackeys

MORE than ever, we are witnessing around the world the continuous shrinking of democratic space, growth of divisive trends, spreading of feeling of hatread among all sections of people and the growth of fascist tendencies. What happened during the 1930s is repeated with more intensity at the international level. The election of Trump and his actions after taking over as US president have taken the sectarian tendencies, continuously intensified by US administration during the post- Second World War decades, especially under the last four presidents, starting with the Bush Sr whose policies led to aggression against Iraq and US funding of terrorist forces, to unprecedented levels. Like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini in Germany and Italy in 1930s, today Trump and other ultra rightist leaders are getting elected based on their divisive, hate campaigns as the solution to the intensifying crisis confronted by the imperialist system. While it is the capitalist-imperialist system which is the basic cause of all these crises, and the growing miseries confronting the masses, the attention is diverted through the spreading of divisive politics, politics based on communal, caste, race divisions.

This is the agenda of Trump when he repeats deportation threats among immigrants. The root cause of the global refugee crisis and forced migration of unemployed from plundered regions is the US led wars of aggression, destabilization, the neoliberal policies and the corporate hegemony imposed over world people. It is the same case in countries under neocolonial domination also. Concealing this, communal hatred is spread and state terror is intensified to divert people’s attention. Utilizing the modern technological advances in the communication fields, progressive ideas are suppressed and reactionary ideas and culture are spread for achieving this. Even while Trump’s policies are going to affect the millions of Indian origin employees in the US, the Hindutua forces are eulogizing him because of his attack on Muslims, forgetting that it is the US administration which trained, funded and unpeashed the Islamic fundamentalist forces to serve its hegemonic plans in the Muslim countries. It is the task of the progressive forces to expose the real economic agenda of Trumps and Modis and their programs for advancing it through the spreading of hate campaign and by fascicizing the state forces

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