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Thursday, 30 March 2017 09:03

Modi Govt Comes Out in Support of Pepsi and Coco Colas

ALMOST whole of TN is in acute water distress. Not even drinking water is available. Even at this time Pepsi and Coco Cola companies are draining whatever water is available from the rivers in Thirunelveli district. Against this people are struggling. In support of this struggle the Collective of Traders in the state has decided to stop distribution of the products of these companies. Now Harsimrat kaur, the food minister in Modi government has condemned people’s agitation and traders’ support to it as anti-national acts! According to this BJP minister you have to serve Pepsi and Coco to become Nationalist! May be inspired by this statement of the minister or by the bribe these companies give the Chennai High Court also has supported these companies’ right to drain the water even though people have no drinking water! It is high time that people should to come out against these MNCs brand nationalists!. The TN state committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star has come out in support of the struggle against Pepsi and Cocoa.

In Kerala also the traders association has decided to stop the sale of these MNC products and the state committee of the Party has come out in support of it calling on the people to boycott all products of these MNCs

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