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Thursday, 30 March 2017 09:04

Can RSS Outfits Like Hindu Sena Absolve Themselves From the Blood of the Victim of Kansas Killing?

THREE months before Hindu Sena, a RSS outfit, had launched a fortnight long puja and campaign at Jantar Mantar for the victory of Trump. In US the RSS supporters openly campaigned for him. Birds of the same feather! Today as Trump is in power and openly spewing hatred and intolerance leading to killing of Indians in US streets, can these RSS outfits absolve themselves from this blood?

We are all pained when an Indian engineer is gunned down and another injured in US in the atmosphere of hatred and intolerance created by the utterances of Trump who has ordered an end to immigration from seven ‘Islamic’ countries and building a wall to stop immigration from neighbouring Mexico. It is this Trump model patriotism which is in action in US threatening the many millions of not only Latinos and Muslims, but also Indians. When we are hurt about actions of Trump, are we really feeling hurt about the spreading fast of such extreme chauvinism, hatred and intolerance around the world under growing number of ultra rightist leaders coming to power in increasing number of countries? Cannot we see that what is happening in JNU and DU now and many other places earlier, or more or less in the country as a whole, as a RSS model extension of Trump’s hate politics? It is high time we rise up against these forces who create the atmosphere of hatred and intolerance, who question the patriotism of Gulmehr Kaur and threaten her in most vulgar forms. 

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