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Monday, 06 November 2017 17:36


THE 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China is held long after its transformation in to a social democratic party, preaching socialism with Chinese characteristics, but practicing imperialist policies, transforming socialist China in to an imperialist super power which is colluding and contending for world hegemony through neo-colonial methods with US super power and other imperialists.

Though the modern day Mensheviks in India like CPI and CPI(M) still call it a communist party and China s socialist country, their transformation to capitalist path and in to a bureaucratic bourgeois state was fast completed after the adoption of the so-called Four Modernization Policies in 1978. Presently the main task before this Congress is to consolidate the bureaucratic control of the Xi Jinping group in the party, state and army, beating back the attempts of advocates of bourgeois democracy to transform China in to a Western model multi-party bourgeois democratic state. In the present situation in China it is evident that Xi’s power is going to be further consolidated in the Congress.

It does not mean that the contradiction between the bureaucratic capital system, or the corporate system, and the toiling masses is insignificant or non-existent. Reports from China reveal that this is a growing contradiction in spite of total bureaucratic control in all fields. Ultimately it is this contradiction between the capital and labour which is going to determine the future of China on long term basis. 

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