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Monday, 06 November 2017 17:39


PRESENT China is socialist in form, but capitalist in content. Similarly the Communist Party of China which is holding its 19th Congress is also communist in form, but capitalist in content. Since it is still a communist party in form, it has to put forward what is the principal contradiction before the Chinese people today, as all communist parties do. So in his long opening address to the party congress, Xi Jinping, the CPC’s general secretary and president of Chinese state, stated that the “the principal contradiction today in China is between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever growing needs for a better life”. Though Trump in US or Modi in India or others like them in other countries have no compulsion to raise such formulations like principal contradiction, nobody can be blamed if they say that in content what Xi stated is not different from what is stated by others in imperialist countries as well as in neo-colonially dependent countries. Xi statement shows that China no more has contradictions between proletariat and bourgeoisie, or between Chinese people and world imperialist system. No emphasis on proletarian internationalist tasks to advance the world proletarian socialist revolution also. So, once again Xi’s speech underlines the fact that ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics practiced by the CPC’ is nothing but monopoly capitalism I action.

In the 8th Congress of the CPC in 1956, when Chinese people had completed the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal tasks of democratic revolution and entered the stage of socialist revolution the socialist forces under the leadership of Mao put forward that hereafter the principal contradiction shall be between the proletarian forces striving for socialist transition and the bourgeoisie which shall continue to strive for returning to power with the support of world imperialist system. But the capitalist roaders within the CPC led by Liu Shaochi and Deng Tsioping put forward their notorious ‘black cat, white cat theory’ against it, saying the principal task is to develop the productive forces by any means. Since the usurpation of power in post-Mao years by the capitalist roaders, the Dengist line was pursued, and what Xi says now is nothing but this capitalist path. 

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