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Monday, 06 November 2017 18:04


THE girl students in BHU hostels were denied all basic democratic rights by the Manuvadi Vice Chancellor. Over and above this, in spite of repeated complaints to authorities the sexual harassments against them were increasing. When a girl was chased by ruffians within the campus, in spite of complaints the security staff or proctor refused to take any action. It was then the girls got mobilized and went to the quarters of VC to lodge protest. Instead of coming out and hearing them, he called for police action. 1500 policemen entered the campus and man-handled the girls brutally lathi charging them. It is a barbarous act which led to strong protest by all progressive forces. Though the VC has gone on leave and an enquiry is ordered no expeditious action is taken to change appalling condition of the campuses and to punish the culprits.

The police’s conduct in BHU was disgraceful. Such actions have now become widespread in the country. Due to politicized university administrations — be it at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University, Hyderabad Central University, and now at BHU — policemen get a free hand to act against students who are perceived to have overstepped the limits set by the authorities. The girl students narrate that this life in BHU campus is like life in Kashmir; isolated, alienated, and cut off from the mainstream. “There’s no space for us to demand our rights, or express our opinion. We are simply required to read text-books, and maybe, even act like robots,” the girls added.

In spite of protests in many campuses, the situation continues unchanged or become worse as a result of commercialization and communalization of the education system and campuses. As the latest orders by the Kerala High Court shows even the judiciary is impervious to making the campus atmosphere democratic. A major struggle is called for to end terrorization of the students, for campus democracy and gender equality, linked with the struggle against commercialization and communal-ization of the education system. 

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