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Saturday, 02 December 2017 11:15


MODI REGIME is proving how it is going against all the claims made by him during 2014 elections. Though 20 million jobs per year were promised, not only any jobs are provided, on the contrary, even existing jobs are lost. Similar is the case of housing also. Similar to the demolition of Shakur Basti on 12th December, two years before throwing out 15ooo families, the six decades long Katputli Basti is also under demolition now. More than 500 hutments are already razed to ground by the bull dozers. Like in Shakur Basthi, during the attack by the demolition gang, another young child was killed. Katputli Basti is a very old and big settlement of 5000 families of artists crafts people from different regions of North India. It is being wiped out to achieve Swatch Bharat of Modi and to hand over the land to housing mafias. CPI(ML) Red Star comrades are going to the basti and trying to organize mass resistance, which is the only way these types of aggression by the state can be met. 

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