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Thursday, 02 March 2017 18:51

Resolution of the ICOR to the Filipino People; To the Duterte Government and to the Negotiating Commission of the NDFP

FOR 50 years the Filipino people has been fighting for its liberation from imperialism in an organized way. After his election, Filipino president Duterte stated, that he would release all political prisoners. He appointed four representatives of the people’s organizations as government Cabinet members, promised social reforms and followed the demand of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines to resume peace negotiations.

Duterte released some prominent political prisoners – that is a great success! But now on the part of the government the peace talks have been declared to be finished and all liberation forces have been defamed as being terrorist! 400 progressive and revolutionary detainees are still in prison. Some for decades, with alleged criminal charges, many are elderly and sick. We demand from president Duterte: Continue the peace talks on a democratic basis! Release all political prisoners! Seriously take up the demands for an agrarian reform and for economic, social and ecological reforms in the interest of the Filipino workers and people!

We also demand stopping Oplan Bayanihan1, which has resulted in numerous human rights violations and not implementing Oplan Kapayapaan2, which is supposed to be a continuation of Oplan Bayanihan. We commit ourselves: to intensify the international solidarity with the liberation struggle in the Philippines! The struggle of the Filipino people for national and social liberation as part of the worldwide liberation struggle is and remains the decisive force of change.

For the continuation and a full success of the peace talks !

Freedom for all political prisoners in the Philippines !

Solidarity with the Filipino liberation struggle !

Long live international solidarity ! 

International Communist Movement

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