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Thursday, 30 March 2017 09:22

ICOR Call: One Half of Humankind are Women

WORLDWIDE, more and more women are freeing themselves from the chains of feudal and capitalist/imperialist exploitation and special oppression: they fight against poverty, for jobs, for preserving the natural foundations of life, for a life in peace and freedom. In particular young women speak up and struggle against sexism and misogyny. Internationally the worldwide women’s movement was the initiator of the worldwide protests against the inauguration of the new US president Trump!

Women are getting organized and coordinated!

Worldwide, ever more organized mass movements and alliances have emerged over the last years, in particular against violence against women – as for example the worldwide movement “Ni una menos” (not one more) initiated by the women of South America; in 2016 there were unprecedented nationwide protests of men and women in India after young women had been brutally raped; in Europe/Germany a broad social movement emerged against sexualized violence against women under the slogan Nein heißt Nein (No means No). At the same time in an anti-racist way this movement also opposed the instrumentalization of this issue “against Islamist immigrants” and also achieved a change of the law governing sexual offenses – even though still a half-hearted one; in Kurdistan women are fighting with the Kurdish liberation movement for the liberation of women and have achieved a lot in short time! An important step forward in this regard is the coordination of their struggles and their organized union in the process of the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women, most recently at the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 in Nepal. In this process the grassroots women of the world are getting organized – women workers, laboring women, teachers, housewives and young women discuss and coordinate their experience, struggles, demands and collaboration. This process of the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women which reaches far beyond the ICOR is supported by the ICOR in accordance with its own objectives and principles.

From the beginning, the objective of the liberation of women was anchored in the programmatic objectives of the ICOR. The ICOR coordinates and cooperates worldwide on annual days of struggle for the International Women’s Day and advocates the promotion of women in the parties and organizations of the international revolutionary and working class movement.

The liberation of women, feudalism and capitalism are incompatible!

While on one hand, immeasurable wealth is piled up, the imperialist world system calls into question the living conditions of the masses. The liberation of women from double exploitation and oppression, not least by patriarchal structures and traditions requires the self-liberation of women, their participation in the worldwide struggles for democracy and freedom, a socialist revolution, the worldwide building of socialism and the organized alliance necessary to achieve this. The year 2017 is an excellent occasion to draw lessons from the first successful socialist revolution, the October revolution in Russia. It is a historical hallmark with imperishable achievements in the liberation of women.

8 March belongs to the women of the world, occupying streets and plazas with their demands, loud, confident and optimistic.

ICOR-Parties! Support and promote the militant women’s movement, the promotion of women and organizing many women in your organizations!

Long live international solidarity!

Women and girls of the world! Organize in the struggle for the liberation of women and of humankind as a whole! Participate in the campaign 100 Years October Revolution! 

International Communist Movement

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