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Friday, 05 May 2017 13:25

ICOR Call: Oppose Imperialist Interference of Any Kind in Syria!

US Armed forces carried out a massive military strike against the Syrian airport Al-Shayrat on 7 April 2017 leading to numerous martyrs, deaths and injuries. US-imperialism used the pretext of a prior deployment of poison gas in the province of Idlib. Until today it is not sure who actually is responsible for this war crime. It should be remembered that years ago the USA also claimed that Iraq possessed chemical weapons which later was exposed as a pretext in order to justify the imperialist war of aggression against Iraq.

The ICOR (International Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations) condemns the US American military strike. This also applies to prior attacks of the Zionist regime of Israel against Syria. More that 7 million people were forced to flee from Syria, tens of thousands were killed. All imperialist and reactionary powers involved there are responsible for that. The imperialist war crimes must be considered to be a direct support for terrorist fascist forces like IS that have already established themselves there.

The ICOR unequivocally rejects imperialist, colonial intervention of any kind in all regions of Syria. It supports the worldwide peace movement and the struggle of the masses against military aggression of any imperialist power without exception. The ICOR rejects the use of deadly nuclear, biological and chemical weapons against the peoples.

On 8 May 1945, the weapons on the European battlefields fell silent after six years of a murderous war. Socialism proved to be stronger than fascism and reaction. Thus, the ICOR declared 8 May to be the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War.

The ICOR calls upon all revolutionary and progressive forces to unite their efforts in order to fight back all imperialist interventions aiming at subjecting Syria and the entire Arabian region to imperialist interests. Imperialist wars and the threat of war will only be abolished by revolutionary overcoming the imperialist world system!

 Against imperialist interference of any kind in Syria!

 Long live the struggle of the peoples of the Middle East!

 For peace and friendship among peoples – for socialism! 

International Communist Movement

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