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Friday, 05 May 2017 13:28

ICOR: We Say No to the Anti-People Regime of Lukashenko!

THE President and the government of the Republic of Belarus continue to carry out neoliberal reforms, which primarily cut financing of the social support of the population. Retirement age has been increased; every three months the tariffs of the municipal services (heating, rent, water) are increased; the employment is done through a contract system, which gives unlimited rights to the employer and nullifies the rights of the employees to make decisions, form professional unions, hold meetings and organize strikes. New taxes are being constantly introduced. In April 2015 the president signed into law Decree ¹ 3. The decree imposes a tax of approximately $230 (paid once a year) for citizens of the Republic of Belarus who have not been engaged in production or another industrial, administrative or economic activity during 183 calendar days. Failure to pay this tax is punishable by fine, as well as administrative arrest with forced labor. Thus, instead of creating additional jobs, the state imposed additional taxes on the unemployed and their families. Since October 2016 there have been reports of the first cases of the enforcement of this law. According to the reports of the tax inspection, more than 400,000 tax notifications were sent out, which constitutes about 10% of the employable population of the republic, while the official unemployment rate reported by the Belarusian statistics service is 2%.

In December 2016 the first protests of the citizens outraged by the absurd and anti-people character of the decree took place. In January 2017 those protesters were joined by the citizens, not directly affected by the decree, but outraged by the antisocial politics of the authorities. In February and March thousands protested in all cities of Belarus, and the authorities turned to repressions. Approximately 200 people were arrested and fined across the country in February and beginning of March. Among them three anarchists were detained in Brest on March 9th during a peaceful rally permitted by the authorities. On March 15th three activists of ecological and feminist movement were arrested during a peaceful rally in Minsk, and after the rally the state security officers stopped a trolley bus and arrested 15 anarchists and citizens, who supported them.

After March 15th arrests of opposition leaders began under various pretexts. On March 20th the authorities staged a breakthrough of terrorists across the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, trying to create an appearance of a terrorist threat. On March 24th a number of activists and journalists were arrested in the office of the Belarusian Green Party while they were collecting food and money for the detained activists. On March 25th during the Freedom Day demonstration the authorities deployed internal troops and special police departments, equipped with water cannons, to the streets of Minsk. Activists and bystanders, who not participate in the demonstration, were detained and beaten. According to various estimates, between 300 and 600 people were detained. Most were convicted, subjected to administrative arrests and fines.

Following the line of the masses, we oppose the anti-people decisions of the Belarusian president and the government.

 We say no to police tyranny!

 Power to the working people!

 Proletarians and oppressed peoples of all countries unite! 

International Communist Movement

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