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Monday, 07 May 2018 10:30


THE problem with the present debate about better connectivity system vis-a-vis Kizhattur and other Express ways and such Bypasses in Kerala and other states is that they refuse to go beyond copying capitalist models. In Kerala itself, as pointed out from 1980s, according to its geographic specificities, an alternate model can be easily worked out. A four lane railway line from Nagercoil to Mangalore, with regular bus connections to all stations; developing the available inland waterways from one end to other; and a coastal ferry service through the sea coast can very ell serve the transport system without further damage to ecology. Of course, this model should be linked to fight against consumerism, control of private vehicles and promoting public transport system. It should be linked to alternate development model in all spheres, rejecting the neo-liberal model. Without such holistic approach present challenges including traffic problem and ecological catastrophe cannot be addressed.

On 25th March thousands were marching to Kizhattur to declare solidarity with the people there who are fighting against imposition of a BOT Expressway Bypass project which will eventually destroy 250 acres of paddy fields, destroying the ecological balance of the region and livelihood of the people. In spite of Singur and Nadigram, in spite of severe setbacks in Bengal and Tripura, CPI(M) which is leading the LDF government in the state is not ready for introspection. Its arrogance has united every force except them including some of the constituents of the LDF to join the march to Kizhattur. CPI(ML) Red Star is with the people’s movement. As the Communist Manifesto explains, capitalist system works hard to transform the whole world in its own image. Marx cautioned that such a transformation shall lead to devastation of human culture and environment, and the very existence of Human society. So he called for destruction of capitalism and creation of communist alternative through socialist transformation. But the party which calls itself Marxist wants to emulate capitalist model of development, copying what is mechanically pursued by the forces of eaction! That is the problem today!

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