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Monday, 02 July 2018 12:08


THE ‘honour killing’ of Kevin in Kerala extremely hurts all those who had worked for a socio-cultural upsurge in the state some time or other. It shows the horrible degeneration of the socio-cultural scene in this state where there was a great renaissance movement from the middle of 19th century to uplift it from the ‘mad house’ like situation. As a result, by the middle of 20th century there were significant socio-cultural-political development in Kerala society. But, after six decades of power sharing by the Congress led and CPI-CPM led governments, both faithfully implementing the neocolonial policies, the state apparatus including police has become so communal-casteist, and the socio-cultural field so compromising that it abets these barbarous retrogressive forces, creating conditions for the growth of RSS like forces and all religious fundamentalists and casteists to become so powerful once again in new forms that its line of demarcation with other states is getting fast obliterated. It is a shame! All progressive forces should recognize this degeneration and think seriously about unleashing a new wave of renaissance movements, taking lessons from Ayyankali, Narayana Guru to VT and Sahodaran Ayyappan to lead the society towards a casteless, secular and egalitarian situation. 

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