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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:39


COMRADE Katle Prabhakar, a joint secretary of ABM (Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha) as per the first reports met with an accident on June 15th at Pulimadugu village, when he was driving a motor-bike from Indravelli to Vutnoor in Komaram Bheem Adilabad district. The road is in Agency Area. But subsequent enquiries by CPI(ML) Red Star Telangana committee, OPDR-Telangana committee and ABM, Adilabad district committee, it is suspected that comrade Prabhakar was murdered by non-tribal vested interests and the body was kept at road side.

In a seperate statements comrade Saidaiah secretary of Telengana State Organising Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star, Narsimha secretary OPDR-Telangana and Kinaka Suresh, coordinator, ABM Adilabad district demanded that government should appoint a special task force investigation team, arrest and prosecute the killers. The people of the area revealed that some people in Tavera vehicle and on a motor bike followed Prabhakar bike and they might have killed him . The people are afraid to name the culprits.

Prabhakar had been a revolutionary from his student days. To work for basic change of political-economic system of India. He left parents house in student days, divorced wife when she vehemently opposed his activity and gone underground to carry forward armed movement. After realising the futility of such movement, he started a open movement for the protection land rights of tribal people. He was the general secretary Tudumdebba for a few years and left when ruling class parties surreptitiously took hold of it.

OPDR-HRF-CLC team visited the village and in a press meet declared Prabhakar was murdered and demanded the police to arrest and prosecute the assassins. Media published widely. Police took stock of the people mood and arrested three offenders after analysing CC camera

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