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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:47


THE Tungabhadra Irrigation workers union under the leadership of TUCI had called for Raichur Highway Bandh on 21 July after an indefinite strike for eleven successful days with the below demands: 1) Abolish contract labour system - regularise workers who have been working for last 25-30 yrs at Tungabhadra irrigation project, 2) Release the payment of salary pending for last 4-5 months, 3) Credit salary directly into workers account every month, and 4) Credit the PF amount pending from last 15 years.

The Bandh started with a march of around 5 KMS by thousands of workers and union leaders from Tippu Sultan Chowk upto National Highway. The National highway was blocked for 2 and half hours. Niether the concerned ministers nor departmental or government officials are ready to hear workers genuine issues. The workers were expecting that their demands will be fulfilled, but for the anti-working class government, which took oath in the names of labours and farmers, failed to fulfil the demands. The police arrested around 500 workers on strike including the Union president Com. R. Manasayya and released in the evening. TUCI leaders stated that the labours have taken this as a challenge and decided to continue this strike till their demands are fulfilled and also decided to take this strike to the next level. 

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