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Thursday, 02 March 2017 18:45

AIRWO Call: Observe March 8, International Women’s Day!

AS you know our General Secretary Comrade Sharmistha Choudhury is now in Alipore Jail, West Bengal . She was arrested by West Bengal Police on 25th January 2017. She was one of the main leaders of the Bhangar peasants movement against forcible land acquisition and construction of high tension power grid line through fertile, thickly populated fields, led by Jami, Jeevika, Bastutantra O Paribesh Rakshya Committee. Hundreds of thousands of women are participating in this struggle. To suppress this people’s movement, Mamata Banerjee led TMC government with the support of Modi government has arrested Com. Sharmistha and 12 other comrades of this movement. False and fabricated cases are registered upon them including UAPA.

As March 8, the International Women’s Day is approaching, let us start preparations for observing it militantly with the determination to intensify our struggles for women’s liberation and democracy; let us demand the release of Comrade Sharmistha and other leaders!

Organize protest programs including demonstrations, dharnas, mass meetings etc uniting all like minded forces. Make state level solidarity committees in support of Bhangar peoples movement and for release of com. Sharmistha and other comrades. Organize postering, wall writing, street corner meetings, protest meetings etc.

Please note that the AIRWO All India Conference to be held on 8,9,10 March, 2017, at Bangalore, Karnataka, is postponed till further decision by AIRWO Central Committee. Meanwhile carry forward the preparations for it by completing the District and State Conferences.

Intensify Struggles for Women’s Liberation and Democracy !

Campaign for Release of Com. Sharmistha, GS, AIRWO, and leaders of Bhangar Movement !

Withdraw False, Fabricated Cases Charged on all leaders of Peoples Movement !



President, AIRWO

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