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Friday, 03 March 2017 06:12

AIRSO’s Call: Support Bhangar Movement!

STATE Terror is intensified at Bhangar to Suppress People’s Struggle. Organize Countrywide Protests, Demand Release of Arrested Comrades !

The latest reports from W. Bengal show that comrades Pradeep Singh Thakur, state secretary and PB member and Sharmistha, CC member of CPI(ML) Red Star, and GS of AIRWO, along with a number of People’s Committee members at Bhangar are arrested and in jail after two weeks in police custody. Challenging the increasing police-goons’ terror in the villagers, people have blockaded the entry of police in to the villages and the movement against the grid project has spread to more villages in the area. The abduction of com. KN Ramachandran, general secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star on 22nd January evening from Kolkata railway station and his illegal detention for 26 hours by forces claiming themselves as Central Intelligence Services show the panic with which the W. Bengal government, aided by the central authorities are trying to subvert the people’s movement of Bhangar. The government of Mamta Banerjee and the Modi government should understand that in spite of using brute state power many of the people’s movements in the country had succeeded. By the fascist act of abducting and illegal detention of leaders of the people’s movement will only steel the people and the cadres to carry forward the movement with more determination. The way thousands of people in a number of states came out on the streets or expresses their anger through social media and in the streets shows that this fascist act of the state has only made the popular forces more determined to carry forward the struggles waged in different parts of the country. Central committee of AIRSO appeals to all democratic forces to extend all out support to the resistance struggle of the people of Bhangar.


General Secretary


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