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Friday, 03 March 2017 06:18

UP Elections: Loktantra Mukti Morcha Calls for People’s Alternative

AS the leaders of Loktantric Mukthi Morcha and CPI(ML) Red Star spokespersons point out, the elections in UP is fought by the poor against the crorepatis’ parties: BJP, SP-Congress and BSP, reflecting the main contradiction in the society, contradiction between the vast majority of the poor against the immensely wealthy foreign and native corporate houses and their agents. In UP, these parties have created a record in selling their symbols to those who contribute many crores to them. As the lists of the candidates of these parties are out, one can see that 75 to 85% of them are crorepathis. While the anger against the BJP is mounting and the central slogan before all democratic forces is to defeat this communal fascist force, all other parties are also hated by the people, showing the need for a people’s alternative. Though the CPI (M) led six party LF has announced plans for fielding more than 100 candidates, it is far away from the politics of people’s alternative as was reflected in its 34 year rule in WB and in its present rule in Kerala and Tripura.

Fighting against the ruling class parties and the right reformist LF, and laying the foundation for a statewide platform, the CPI(ML) Red Star initiated Loktantru Mukthi Morcha, a platform of growing number of democratic forces with a program of people’s power and sustainable development, has fielded five candidates in Sitapur district, out of which comrades Sunila from Biswan, Ramsani Verma from Laharpur, Asiskumar from Majhauli, Ramkhelavan from Hargaon and Udaybhan Singh from Sevitha (all from Sithapur district) were engaged in a vigorous campaign till the polling on 19th Feb. They campaigned using their photos, exposing how the ruling class parties are using their symbols for selling tickets and corrupting the elections. They called for a polarization of the poor against the rich, and to transform the elections in to a major struggle (andolan) for basic social transformation. Comrade Premsagar from Karnalgunj of Gonda, two candidates from Devaria, one fron Kushinagar and one from Varanasi districts also fought the election based on their photos and explaining the politics of people’s alternative. As our candidates have no vehicles to campaign and the maximum amount spent in a constituency is around Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 as against millions or crores of rupees spent by the major ruling class parties, our candidates used house to house campaigns, street corner meetings and village/ town level mobilizations for explaining the people’s alternative and to seek votes. The state committee is expecting good support from the toiling masses in most of these seats where party committees are actively taking up people’s issues for a number of years. 

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