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Thursday, 30 March 2017 07:42

Tungabhadra Irrigation Workers’ Strike in North Karnataka

THE Tungabhadra Irrigation Workers Union (TUCI) genaral strike is still continuing. More than 1000 workers including computer operators, telephone operators, pump operators, drivers, gang men, Guage readers and cooking staff of the irrigation headquarters are directly participating from March 17th onwards. The 1000 struggling workers are actively participating in the day and night mass dharna in front of the office of the Munirabad Chief Engineer. Two rounds of conciliation talks held have also failed. The main demand is enhancement of workers salary from Rs. 8400 to 16950.

The workers’ Union organized successful Highway (NH 50) blockade on 23rd March from 11 am at Huligi cross, Munirabad. After 3 kilometre militant rally more than 1000 workers blocked the National Highway. Koppala police arrested 1000 workers and released them after two hours. As police refused to produce them in court, they held protest meeting in police station compound.

The strike is continuing. All the workers are staying in front of the irrigation head quarters. They have declared that without the rising of wages the strike will not be withdrawan. For intensifiying the struggle union announced 1000 workers PADAYATRE from Munirabad to Bangalore in the coming week.

Union president and TUCI state president com. R. Manasayya, General secretary G. Adavirao, Shiddappa Gouda, Ramanna and Ramesh Kotnekal, R Reddy and others are leading this importent struggle. Meanwhile the Bellary mining workers union , Jindal workers union and other progressive forces diclerd their support to tungabhadra workers strike. Com. R Manasayya, president, Tungabhadra irrigation workers union has appealed to all progressive forces to support this struggle.

In another development in working class front the Genaral body meeting of Bellary Mining Workers Union held on 21st March has called for uncompromising fight against the mining mafia and for their rights. 1300 representatives of 24 mining companies participated in this meeting. Union prasident R Manassyya and genaral secretary M Sathis and other comrades addressed the workers. 

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