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Thursday, 30 March 2017 08:24

Kerala: Land Struggle Convention

THE Kerala State Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star is initiating a People’s Convention at Thiruvananthapuram on May 2 to work out the broad roadmap for carrying forward the struggle for confiscating the vast areas of land illegally held by foreign companies and their benamies like Tatas and Goenkas in the State. The recently published Rajamanikam Report has found out that around five-and-a-half lakh acres of plantations and surrounding areas are illegally held by the land mafia. Since all the colonial land agreements became invalid at the time of Power Transfer, the first undivided CPI led State government headed by EMS that came to power in Kerala in 1957 could have easily confiscated theses lands and distributed as part of its much trumpeted land legislation. On the other hand, the land reform measures of EMS ministry and subsequent governments led to further concentration of land in the hands of vested interests like the Christian Church, that has become one of the largest land-owning classes in the state. Meanwhile, the dalits, the adivasis and other most backward landless sections, real tillers of the soil, were driven to the so called “one-lakh colonies” and inaccessible pockets of society as landless poor people and destitutes. In plantations, the plantation workers are confined to huts called ‘layams’ where just as ‘bonded labourers’ they lead a ‘hell-like’ life being denied even minimum wages. Comprising around 3 percent of India’s population with a land area of just 1 percent, Kerala is having the biggest land concentration in India.

The Thiruvananthapuram Convention centered round this crucial issue which has become the central political question in Kerala today assumes utmost significance. The Convention in which hundreds of delegates from different districts are expected to participate is scheduled to be inaugurated by Com KN Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star and will be addressed by Com KM Salimkumar, M Geethanandan, KKS Das, MK Dasan [State Secretary, CPI(ML)Red Star], PJ James, (PB Member), MP Kunhikanaran (AIKKS), K Sivaraman (TUCI), Adv. Maya Krishnan, Adv. Pushpa PD (AIRWO), Adv. Sabi Joseph (OPDR) among others. 

Villager-Cop Clash at Adani Power Project Hearing

THREE persons, including a senior police officer, sustained injuries today when protesters claed with men in uniform during a public hearing on 4th March to assess the environmental impact of an Adani Power project in Motia and other villages of Godda district, 300km from here. The hour-long hearing was organised by the district administration from 11am, with “1,000 policemen on duty”, to sell the version of Adani promoted by Modi government to pacify the tens of thousands of villagers who are protesting against the project. As the Adani’s men along with the BJP leaders in power in Jharkhand tried to seek support of the people for this project which creates pollution and destroy environment the thousands of people assembled started raising slogans and opposing the project. Once the authorities tried to wind up the meeting and tried

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