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Friday, 02 June 2017 09:45

Naxalbari Day Observed

THE CPI(ML) Red Star and CPI(ML)PCC are jointly observed the "Naxalbari Shahid Divas" on 25th of May at Naxalbari with the slogan : "organize Bhangar like mass movement every where ." In the the context of 50 years of naxalbari uprising it is important to carry forward the massage which Bhangar movement put forward before the society regarding the demands of land, livelihood and environment. A rally was held from Naxalbari bus stand to Naxalbari Martyrs column at Bangaijot and returned back to Naxalbari "Nand Prasad High School Ground ". In public meeting comrades KN Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star, Sailen Bhattacharya, State Secretary CPI(ML) PCC and Amitava Bhattacharya of Chintan Magazine and leaders of different class/mass organizations and comrades from other states spoke about relevance of Naxalbari in today's context. The meeting was presided by com. Biren Sarkar of CPI(ML) Red Star and Amal Roy of CPI(Ml) PCC. 
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