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Monday, 06 November 2017 17:47


AFTER 10 months of relentless struggle under the leadership of "Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Paribesh Raksha Committee" (Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment Protection Committee), the Bhangar people’s movement against the forcible installation of a power grid project got some space to consolidate itself. All comrades have come out of jail and the terrorist attack on behalf of the State and state sponsored goons has been resisted by the heroic people of Bhangar. Sensing the mood of the people the government and goons were compelled to backtrack.

Taking advantage of this development, the people's Committee is going to hold its first annual general conference to consolidate the movement further. Actually the conference was supposed to have been held on 22nd October but had to be rescheduled to 29th October due to torrential rains over the weekend. In this conference representatives of villages will participate as delegates and the people who have stood in solidarity with this movement have been invited to participate as observers.

In the process of this Conference, the Committee organised annual general meeting in every village and formed committees in each of these villages. Some committees have been comprised with two or three villages also. In this way eleven village committees have been formed. In every committee majority of the people participated and it was amply clear that the people are ready to organise and act under the banner of this committee. So this conference is giving another message to the government that the movement is not only going on with the force of only two or three villages, but is based on the overwhelming support and participation of the people of more than 10 villages. All villages adjacent to the Power Grid sub-station are committed to the movement and it is spreading to other areas also.

People of every village have participated spontaneously in all of these general meetings. In some villages the participation of women was significant. In every meeting people showed their determination in the fight against the authority of the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd and against the Government. They are taking oath to drive away the power grid project from this fertile multi-crop and densely populated area as well as preparing to resist the onslaught of the autocratic government. In this area struggle for democracy has become an agenda of the people. In all the general meetings of the villages this spirit has come out from the speeches of the villagers. So it is clear that the annual conference which is going to be held on 29th October will be a grand success. 

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