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Appeal and Statements
• International Seminar on Women's Liberation
• ICOR Call: Organise International Solidarity With Courageous Jiashi Workers of Shenzhen, China!
• ICOR Call: Raise the Scream of Dersim!
• Build People’s Alternative to Fight Corporate Loot and Sanghi Fascism
• Sacking CBI Director to Scuttle Investigation in to Rafale Scam

English: Click Here to Download (PDF)

English: Click Here to Download (PDF)

Sangrani Sambad- Bengali Monthly

Sangrani Sambad- Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star West Bengal State Committees

Bengali Monthly

To read Sangrami Sambad, please visit below links:

Sangrami Sangbad January 2018


Sangrami Sangbad July 2017


Sangrami Sambad May 2017


Sangrami Sangbad November 2016


Sangrami Sangbad August 2016


Sangrami Sangbad April 2016


Sangrami Sangbad March 2016


Sangrami Sangbad January 2016

Makkal Jananayakam (Tamil)

Makkal Jananayakam - Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star Tamil Nadu State Committee


Tamil Monthly


Makkal Jananayakam (Tamil Monthly) - November 2015 Issue

Sakhavu Monthly (Malayalam)

Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star Kerala State Committee


സഖാവ് മാസിക

സി പി ഐ (എം എൽ) റെഡ്സ്റ്റാർ കേരള സംസ്ഥാന കമ്മറ്റി മുഖപത്രം


സഖാവ് മാസിക – നവംബർ 2018


സഖാവ് മാസിക – സെപ്തംബർ 2018


സഖാവ് മാസിക – ആഗസ്റ്റ് 2018


സഖാവ് മാസിക – ജൂലായ് 2018 ലക്കം

Janamargam - Telugu Monthly

Janamargam - Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star AP & Telangana State Committees

Telugu Monthly


Janamargam - August 2015

Dudime - Kannada Monthly

DudimeOrgan of CPI (ML) Red Star Karnataka State Committee

Kannada Monthly

To read Dudime, please visit below links: 

Dudime November 2015 Issue


Dudime September 2015 Issue


Dudime August 2015 Issue


Dudime July 2015 Issue


Dudime May 2015 Issue


Dudime June 2015 Issue

Sreni Sangram (Oriya Monthly)

Sreni Sangram - Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star Odisha State Committee

Oriya Monthly

Editor : Sivaram Sahu

To read Sreni Sangram, please visit below links: 

Sreni Sangram December 2016 Issue


Sreni Sangram July 2016 Issue


Sreni Sangram June 2016 Issue


Sreni Sangram August 2015 Issue


Sreni Sangram July 2015 Issue


Sreni Sangram June 2015 Issue


For older versions, please visit:

Red Star Monthly (Hindi)

Red Star Monthly (Hindi)

Hindi Version of Red Star Monthly

Central Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star


Cheif Editor : Com Umakant

Editorial Board : comrades Umakant, Soura, Ramchandra Singh, Vashist and Vijay

Contact: Central Committee, CPI(ML) Red Star, C-141, Sainik Nagar, New Delhi - 110059
Phone: +91-11-25332343 / +91 9447112136, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read issues of Red Star Monthly (Hindi) Soft Copies/PDF, please visit following links:

Red Star Hindi - November 2018


Red Star Hindi - October 2018


Red Star Hindi - September 2018


Red Star Hindi - August 2018


Red Star Hindi - July 2018


Red Star Hindi - June 2018


Red Star Hindi - May 2018


Red Star Hindi - April 2018


Red Star Hindi - March 2018


Red Star Hindi - February 2018


Red Star Hindi - January 2018


Red Star Hindi - December 2017


Red Star Hindi - November 2017


Red Star Hindi - Octoberr 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - September 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - August 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - July 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - June 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - May 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - April 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - March 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - February 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - January 2017


Red Star (Hindi) - December 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - November 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - October 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - September 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - August 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - July 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - June 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - May 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - April 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - March 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - February 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - January 2016


Red Star (Hindi) - December 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - November 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - September 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - August 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - July 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - June 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - May 2015


Red Star (Hindi)- April 2015  


Red Star (Hindi) - March 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - February 2015


Red Star (Hindi) - January 2015


For older versions, please visit:


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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.

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