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Monday, 02 October 2017 09:47

Resolutions Adopted by PB Meeting of CPI (ML) Red Star Held on 30-31 August

Reduce Taxes on Petroleum and Abolish Price Fixation by Oil Companies

EVER SINCE the abolition of administered price mechanism for price fixing of petroleum products, the prices of petrol and diesel are galloping. Until June, 2017 while petroleum prices were revised on a bi-weekly basis, but with effect from June, oil companies, including Reliance and Essar, the leading private players in the field, have given full freedom to revise petrol and diesel prices on a daily basis. As a result, within three months alone, quite unprecedentedly, the price of petrol has gone up by Rs. 6 and that of diesel has gone up by around Rs. 3. The cascading effect of this rise in the price of fuel is rampant inflation.

The CPI (ML) Red Star asks the Modi regime to withdraw the freedom given to oil companies to determine prices. The Party also demands that the innumerable taxes imposed on petrol and diesel at the central and state level shall be abolished forthwith.

Withdraw GST

THE anti-people, anti-federal, pro-corporate GST imposed by the Modi regime with effect from July 1, 2017 is devastating the country. Since the neo-liberal regime has already handed over the power of price determination to corporate market forces, prices of all essential goods and services are galloping following GST as it is on the top of the marked-up prices. Consequent on the demolition of economic borders between states, black marketers, hoarders and speculators are dictating prices and the state governments have no authority to intervene in the market. Under the unified GST regime since all special provisions for the vast local, unorganized sectors that are the major source of employment are taken away, they are collapsing.

Coupled with demonetisation, the GST aims at corporate consolidation and concentration of wealth. Being an unsustainable regressive regime for the people, CPI (ML) Red Star demands a total withdrawal of the GST with immediate effect.

Burn Modi in Effigy Protesting Demonetisation Fiasco

THE latest RBI report on demonetisation has officially acknowledged that the demonetisation has not fulfilled any of its declared objectives. It has turned out be a total fiasco and as pointed out by CPI (ML) Red Star and progressive, democratic forces, the whole demonetisation exercise has been a guinea-pig experiment on the people of India at the behest of imperialist centres. Rather than resolving the issues of black money, corruption, counterfeiting, etc. demonetisation has aggravated all these evils. It has been a death blow to the vast majority of Indians composed of workers and toiling people who are subsisting on the cash-based agricultural, unorganized and retail trading sectors of the country. Demonetisation has further enriched the corporate monopoly sections in the country.

In this context, and in view of the RBI report on demonetisation, CPI ML) Red Star calls upon all party committees to burn Modi in effigy on September 12, 2017 vehemently protesting against demonetisation and appeals to people to rise up against this pro-corporate regime.

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