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Sunday, 04 February 2018 11:49


THE Mamata Government is continuing its anti people and anti-democratic actions on the struggling people of the state unleashing state terror using the administration though she had come to power assuring democratic atmosphere. But from her Government’s actions establish it is more autocratic and anti people. Likewise she had declared in West Bengal Vidhan Sabha that the Power Grid Project will not be commissioned in Bhangor against people’s wish. But she is engaging not only her administration but also her party hooligans and miscreants to suppress the people’s movement by arresting and dumping false cases on political leaders and the struggling people as well as brutally attacking them physically by party goons.

The leaders of political parties and activists are detained, harassed and arrested who are coming to Bhangor to express solidarity from other parts of the country thus denying the just democratic and constitutional rights of the citizens of the country.

It is now crystal clear from today’s two incidents that a team of 11 leading activists of Kisan Mukthi Sangharsh Samitiy from Assam including Com Akhil Gogoi who were on the way to Bhangor to express their solidarity reported to have arrested by STF from Bhelghoria and detained in Belghoria Police Station. Com Raju Singh, Member, CPI(ML) Red Star West Bengal Committee and RYFI all India Leader was also arrested along with them.

It is the repetition of an incident that the illegal abduction and detention of Com KN Ramachandran, the General Secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star in the last year from Kolkata.

The West Bengal State Administration did not stop by the above unconstitutional action, they have detained at Chinar Park Junction, hundreds of Activists from Kolkata and adjacent areas who were on their way to Bhangor to attend a protest Rally organised by Jomi Jibika Vastutantro O Porivesh Raksha Committee adjacent to Haroa Road to protest against the renewed state terror and state sponsored hooliganism of ruling party goons for the last 4-5 days unleashed on the struggling people of Bhangor.

West Bengal is going through a time of complete lawlessness and total Autocratic rule.

Hence we would like to call all the democratic and progressive minded forces of the country to come forward and unite to condemn and fight the Mamata Government against her heinous mode to deny the very democratic functioning for the Citizens.

Pradip Singha Thakur

Secretary, West Bengal State Committee

CPI(ML) Red Star

4th January 2018

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