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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:35


IT is a plan to lay the gas pipe line from Kanjikode in Kerala to Bangalore through Tamil nadu. The work is going on to lay the gas pipe line in 7 districts of Tamil nadu with 310 km distance through Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Tirupur and Coimbatore for this pipe way. GAIL started the acquisition of land from these 7 districts from 2013 for this pipe line project. It goes through 19 villages in Krishnagiri district having the distance of 43 km, in Dharmapuri district it goes through 28 villages with 63 km distance, in Salem 28 villages with 66 km distance, in Namakkal district 9 villages with 17 km, in Erode district 16 villages with 38 km, in Tirupur 21 villages with 39 km and in Coimbatore 14 villages with 44 km distance, totally the pipe line goes through 135 villages with the distance of 310 km. Maximum part of the pipe line is going to lay on the agricultural land and the residential areas of these villages. People strongly oppose it because, in Kerala the maximum part of the pipe line is laying on the sides of the road ways rather than the agricultural land and residential area of the people. But in Tamil nadu alone the pipe line is going to be lay only on the agricultural land and residential area of the people. So the people of that area strongly oppose and struggle against it, so that the government stops this project temporarily.

The gas pipe line is laid through the agricultural land, so the farmers are living with fear. Because of the gas leakage , if any accident will happen in that area, there is no proper details about the compensation to the affected farmers. In Karnataka, a terminal named SV Station is going to implemented in Tumkur near to Bangalore to monitor the pressure and leakage of gas on pipe line in the Karnataka region. This gas leakage monitoring SV Station is going to be place one for 13 km distance in city areas of Karnataka and one for 18 km distance in other places of Karnataka state. Also, from this SV Station the pipe line connection in the city gas goes to the houses

But in Tamil nadu, GAIL did not give the clear explanations which gives the confidence to the people about the precautionary actions on accident and there is no monitoring station to monitor the pressure and leakage of gas, if gas leakage will happen in this 310 km. So, fear on life, loses of agriculture and loses of the values of land, the farmers of these 7 districts strongly struggle against it. So that the state government stops this plan temporarily.

Even though, GAIL announced that it will finish these works within three years. So these pipe laying work will restart very soon. Since many acres of lands are occupied in the name of various project , the feeling of the people of that area is that they feel to standing on fire and the freedom of the people is also lost by this project also. So all democratic forces should join in this farmers’ struggle against this project.

Kalai Vanan,

State Secretary

AIKKS, Tamil Nadu

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