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Thursday, 02 March 2017 18:47

Greetings to Second Congress of Front Line Socialist Party, Sri Lanka

The following Message of Greetings to the Second Congress of Front Line Socialist Party of Sri Lanka held on 1st February at Colombo was presented by com. PJ James, Polit Bureau member, on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star.

THE Central Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star extends its fraternal greetings to the Second Congress of Front Line Socialist Party (Sri Lanka) held on February 1, 2017. The main theme of the Party’s Second Congress, which is convened after a gap of almost five years, is entitled: “A Party for the Class for Socialism against the Imperialist Neoliberal Program” assumes utmost political importance at a time when imperialism allied with ruling classes in the entire South Asian countries are mounting neoliberal, far right attacks on the working class and the oppressed peoples of this region. Everywhere in the region, religious fundamentalist and revivalist forces and pre-modern identities in one form or another are profusely used by finance capital not only to directly attack the people but also to divide their fighting unity and divert people’s attention from the enemies’ tactics. Along with such reactionary forces, international capital is also keen to prop up ultra-rightwing and repressive political regimes for unleashing unbridled corporatization on the masses by curtailing the hard-earned democratic rights of the people. As a result, the working class and toiling masses of both Sri Lanka and India today are confronting more or less the same threatening situation albeit with region-wise specificities.

In India, for instance, the Hindu supremacist and ultra-rightist Modi regime, while intensifying neoliberal corporatization whose latest manifestation has been the notorious demonetization, is intensifying its attacks on all toiling masses including dalits (scheduled castes), adivasis ( scheduled tribes), Muslim minorities and all oppressed classes and sections. The Indian state’s big-brotherly attitude in SAARC has not only made that grouping defunct but also has worsened its relation with all neighbouring countries. In particular, under the Hindu fundamentalist Modi rule, the Kashmir issue and Indo-Pak relations have further worsened. Acting as a junior partner of US imperialism by signing the LEMOA agreement and allying with US’ anti-China policy, India is trying to become a regional bully in South Asia and a factor in inter-imperialist contradictions in this part of the globe.

Of course, this shift in politics towards the far right is to be situated in the broader international context today when a quarter century of neoliberal globalization has accentuated all the inherent contradictions of the world imperialist system. While the capitalist-imperialist system is going through an irreversible and prolonged crisis, wealth concentration in the hands of a tiny corporate-financial elite has become so destructive that vast majority of the toiling masses the world over is driven to devastation and destitution of hitherto unknown levels. As a result of global corporatization and ballooning of the financial bubble coupled with deindustrialization and joblessness, world’s top 8 billionaires own as much combined wealth as the bottom half of the world population comprising 3.6 billion people today. Over the past quarter century, the top 1 percent super-rich has gained more income than the bottom 50 percent combined. In spite of heinous and barbarous imposition of neoliberal policies on the working class and broad masses of people and counter revolutionary offensive in the form of curtailing people’s democratic rights, capitalist crisis is intensifying as is manifested in the global developments since 2008. Imperialist attempt to shift the burden of the crisis to the shoulders of the neo-colonially dependent countries and to the working class in the imperialist countries has met with resistance as exemplified in a series of upsurges all over the world in the in the first decade of the twenty first century, especially in North Africa and West Asia. But in the absence of working class leadership capable of providing ideological-political orientation, these movements have not become successful to impart serious blows to imperialism and its lackeys.

Though repeated agitations of the people are continuing in various forms, presently we are witnessing a rightwing offensive in various parts of the world. In a context of unprecedented inequality, poverty and deprivation, international “refugee crisis” corruption, cultural degradation, and gruesome ecological catastrophe which are reflections of the depth of the crisis, imperialism is propping up xenophobic, anti-immigrant, chauvinist, neo-fascist, racist and religious fundamentalist forces to divert people’s simmering discontent against the ruling system. Obscurantist terrorist outfits such as IS are nothing but the byproducts of the US and EU led interventions in West Asia and North Africa. As an inalienable component of this imperialist offensive, to depoliticize the people, a whole set of postmodern and post-Marxist prognoses based on even pre-modern “identities” are manufactured and spread by imperialist think-tanks and neoliberal funding and research institutions. Utilizing them, imperialists and their lackeys continue their hegemony over the people by tearing apart the veil of bourgeois democracy and by snatching away democratic rights and are even resorting to fascistization in diverse forms. The concrete forms of this trend now ranges from the advent of Donald Trump as US president to the emergence and strengthening of several neo-fascist forces in Europe including such manifestations as Brexit.

In relation to this, and reminiscent of the Depression years of the 1930s, a striking dimension of neoliberal globalization today has been the rising tide of chauvinistic “economic nationalism” or “protectionism” espoused by ultra-rightwing forces trying to utilize people’s simmering discontent against corporatization everywhere. Protectionism including “inward-looking” and “beggar-thy-neighbour” policies has always been a slogan effectively used by neo-conservatives to hoodwink the masses suffering from pro-corporate policies on the one hand and to carry along the middle classes with ruling system by dangling the promised capitalist prosperity before them on the other. While so called liberal practitioners of neoliberalism and academics who are in favour of a more integrated global market interpret “isolationism” or autarky as an apparent retreat from the philosophy of free-market ideology and the policy of unfettered global capital flows which are going to be codified in WTO’s forthcoming Trade Facilitation Agreement, the emergence of Trump like phenomenon espousing reactionary protectionism as manifested in latter’s negative attitude to TTIP, etc. pinpoints to growing policy differences within imperialism. And, as the contradiction between the people and the ruling system everywhere is mounting and as the crisis is systemic and irresolvable, the contradictions within the ruling classes and inter-imperialist rivalries are bound to sharpen in the coming days.

At a time when the revolutionary communist parties and organizations the world over are observing the centenary of the October Revolution this year under the banner of International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), it is high time to strive for a concrete evaluation of these contemporary trends in the background of hitherto experiences to make revolutionary advances to people’s democracy and socialist transformation.

In taking up these tasks, let both our parties strive to strengthen fraternal relations with a view to advancing towards revolutionary transformation in our own countries. It will definitely strengthen the South Asian and international relations based on the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

The Central Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star wholeheartedly extends its revolutionary greetings to the Central Committee of Front Line Socialist Party (Sri Lanka) and to all the delegates attending the Second Congress.

Let us strengthen fraternal relations between Front Line Socialist Party and CPI (ML) Red Star!

Let us strive for the unity of the peoples of South Asia!

Workers and the Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite!

Central Committee,

CPI (ML) Red Star

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