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Saturday, 17 June 2017 11:53

Stop Suppression on Hills people ; resolve the issues through talks - CPI (ML) Red Star, West Bengal State Committee

The State Government is playing with fire. In resolving any contentious issue, the government lead by its chief minister is taking the path of suppression. Instead of negotiations with the people, the CM is showing tooth and nail to the people who are demanding anything anywhere. Her only intention is to crush people’s unity and suppress the people’s demand. She wants to make people beggars only to expect some alms from her.

This attitude has set fire in the hills. Her reckless, undemocratic and authoritarian attitude has created dangerous situation there. Everybody knows that there is a popular emotion for a separate state. The Chief Minister had also in principle accepted this demand when she signed the GTA agreement where it was written that the GTA is the first step to Gorkhaland. Instead of respecting this agreement she went to hit that popular emotion of the people of hills convening cabinet meeting of West Bengal Government in Darjeeling. People have every right to raise their demand for separate state. Anybody can accept this or object to this. But the resolution of this question cannot be through arms. It should be resolved through dialogue or referendum.

Now the Chief Minister is saying that by hook or by crook she will resist bifurcation of Bengal. The question is, if she is opposed to Gorkhaland, why had she signed the GTA pact and thereby agreed that this was the first step to Gorkhaland? In that way she has actually deceived the people of Hills and heaped fuel for setting fire. Now she is taking measures to suppress the people of hills and violating all democratic norms. Even the leaders of that movement are being arrested. This might create a permanently war like situation there like that in the North East and Kashmir.

Everywhere the State Government is creating such oppressive condition. It may be in Bhangar, it may be in Hills--wherever people wants to protect their democratic rights, they are facing severe suppression by the government.

We are demanding immediate withdrawal of armed force from the civilian area of the entire hills and peaceful resolution of the problems of hills through peaceful dialogue.

Murari Chatterjee

On behalf ofWest Bengal State Committee,

CPI ML (Red Star).
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