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Monday, 06 November 2017 17:56


THE West Bengal Police arrested a local leader Comrade Kandan Mandi on 15 September 2017 in a pretty old case registered against him way back to 28 June 2009 during the tenure of Left Front Rule. It is to be mentioned here that Comrade Kandan Mandi had contested the last election to West Bengal Assembly in 2016 as a CPI(ML) Red Star candidate from Raipur Assembly Constituency, situated in Bankura District. CPI(ML) Red Star is a registered party under the Election Commission and is working in open. Many sections were dumped on Comrade Kandan under IPC 307, 120B, 121, 121A, 122, 123, 124A, Explosives Act 3/4 and Arms Act. In addition to these UAPA also dumped on him. The police also arrested Subhash Mandi from the same village.

Comrade Kandan was very much active and known to all in his locality as a political activist for a long and he was working in open and never gone absconding. Hence it is very much conspicuous that he got arrested after such a long time, i.e., 8 years after registering a case. He was very much present in open in his locality. Hence the question of absconding is not at all arising.

He was a key person in organising different people’s movement. Recently he had organised the villagers against the sale of plastic and thermocol made plates and dishes for serving food instead of SAL leaves (sal patha). Making Plates and Dishes for serving food is a lively hood and cottage industry of the local people in the Jungal Mahal Area. Most of the women in the area is dependent on this Industry. This movement has irked the authority.

Moreover, the party CPI(ML) Red Star, which he belongs to, is leading a much Known Peasants movement in West Bengal in Bhangor against a Central Government Power Grid Project. The West Bengal Government had already arrested and dumped several false cases including UAPA on its fore front leaders.

It is also a matter of doubt about the authenticity of the case as the local police was pleading for 7 days police custody of Kandan Mandi in the Khatra Sub-division Court though there was no any reference of his name. Even in the FIR, which was prepared by an ASI, there is no mention of Kandan Mandi in the preparation of Land Mine Explosion. Only there was a mention of his presence in a secret meeting.

It is also to be noted that the arrest of Kandan Mandi is taken place at a time when the State is going to the Local Body Elections soon where CPI (ML) Red Star will also be a contestant party which is gaining ground among the villagers for their participation in the people’s struggles. Mamata Government is trying all out to make the Panchayat Elections a farce so there would be no opposition to which CPI(ML) Red Star is a threat.

This arrest generated anger and discontent among the people are widening against the TMC Government. It is also to be noted that the original case was initiated by the Left Front Government during their tenure and now the Mamata led TMC Government is pursuing. They have started to protest against the illegal arrest and demanded the unconditional release of Comrade Kandan Mandi. The West Bengal State Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star strongly condemns the arrest and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Comrade Kandan Mandi and to withdraw the all the cases against him. 

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