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Comrades and friends,


When the mighty farmers’ movement has reached the 10th day, it is getting strengthened day by day with more and more farmers and working masses who support them are reaching Delhi from all parts of the country to strengthen it. But, instead of accepting their just demands, the Modi government is engaged in weakening the movement by proposing the dilution of their demands. As we all know, after issuing the three black bills for total corporatization of agriculture as an ordinance, they were bull-dozed through the parliament, getting approval in the Rajya Sabha in most undemocratic manner. Throughout this whole process, no effort was made to seek opinion of the farmers’ associations, after the bill was moved no steps were taken to seek discussion by sending it to a select committee. So, when confronted with such a mighty resistance from the farming community as a whole, if the Modi government is proposing amendments to these three acts, without withdrawing the core issue-the corporatization of agriculture-, is a clever move to weaken and destroy the demands for withdrawal of the three acts along with the Electricity Bill 2020.


In this situation the AIKSCC has only one option before it: intensify the ongoing movement to higher levels to compel the Modi government to withdraw these acts. It is in this situation the call for observing Bharat Bandh on 8th December is given; side by side all roads to Delhi shall be blocked on that day.


CPI(ML) Red Star fully support this demand and all party state committees to come out with their full strength to mobilize all those forces who can be mobilized, form People for Farmers’ Movement like platforms uniting all the forces who supported the Anti-CAA,NPR movement, to chalk out concrete programs according to conditions in each state, and make the Bharat Bandh a great success.


Get prepared for a protracted people’s movement to defeat all heinous moves of RSS neo-fascists through Modi government to weaken the farmers’ movement! Give it a crushing blow to these forces of reaction by making the farmers’ achieve its goals! Strive hard to make the Bharat Bandh a great success, and strengthen the solidarity movement by launching a struggle platform like People for Farmers’ Movement!


KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star.


New Delhi

5th December 2020

Modi  government, in continuation to its neoliberal offensive for all round corporatization of all fields, privatization of all sectors and selling of national assets/ public sector enterprises to foreign and native corporate forces, has promulgated three  Ordinances  to give effect to the amendments  proposed  to the Essential  Commodities Act, 1955  and to introduce  two  Central laws on inter-state trading  and contact  farming . The amendment to the ECA will deregulate the production, storage, movement and distribution of these food commodities.In the name of removing the private sector’s fears of “excessive regulatory interference,” the Centre has issued the ordinances to increase private and foreign investment, especially in cold storage facilities and the modernization and corporatization of the food supply chain Using the cover of Covid19 pandemic, bypassing the parliament and state  assemblies  (agriculture  is a State  subject), without eliciting opinion of the peasantry and holding discussion with the peasant and agricultural workers’ organizations and all other stake holders, Modi government is moving fast through  ordinance raj, violating all principles of federalism.


The Farming Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Ordinance, 2020 aims to open up agricultural marketing outside notified mandis for farmers, and also remove barriers to inter-State trade. While both agriculture and markets are State subjects, the Centre is by-passing it with the claim that trade and commerce in foodstuffs is part of the concurrent list, as if it has unilateral monopoly on concurrent list!


In her press conferences explaining Modi’s 20 lakh crors Economic Package, the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman, in the name of combating and helping the distressed peasantry, had announced these amendments to the existing Essential  Commodities Act 1955, Changes in the existing  Agricultural Products  Marketing Committee Act, and enactment of a Central  law for barriers- free intra and inter-state trade of farm    commodities and creation  of a  " facilitative legal  framework”for Contract Farming. The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance, 2020 is aimed at facilitating contract farming, where a private buyer contracts to purchase a crop at a certain price at the beginning of a season

All these  announcements were made under  the  signboard of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, while in reality, these are essential part of Neoliberal/globalization drive. These changes are solely in the interest of  corporate- both foreign and domestic, and rich peasants, black marketers and  hoarders. All these steps are for further integration of the agriculture sector also to global imperialist system.


Another important decision of Modi government is on the Minimum Support  Prices  ( MSP)  of 14 Kharif crops  including  paddy, the most significant  Kharif crop. According to it, the paddy price is  increased by Rs 53 per quintal, from Rs 1815 per quintal  Rs 1868. The Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices has calculated the cost of production of paddy at Rs 1722 last year. Even if we calculate the MSP of paddy based on this, the MSP of paddy should  be Rs 2583 by applying Swaminathan Commission recommendation.


These decisions of Modi government have angered the peasantry and other struggling forces. Though our Party an other struggling forces have called for free monthly ration of 45 kgms for all families, Rs 8,000 allowance to all jobless contract/casual workers, unemployed youth and all other needy people for six months, and unlimited MNREGA work for minimum 200 days a year at Rs 300 per day, the central and state governments have not taken any step in this direction. We have to continue the campaign for these important demands in this critical period consistently.


That, using Covid19 as a cover, Modi  govt is going ahead with policies which shall make only corporates happy is very  clear. In this situation AIKKS has called for a country wide campaign and observing 15th June as All India Protest Day. The Central Committee calls upon all Party Committees to discuss with comrades working in all class/mass organizations and people’s movements, mobilize an active campaign through social media and what is possible otherwise, and to Observe 15th June as All India Protest Day with the demands: Withdraw all the three ordinances; Increase MSP for all Khariff crops; Mobilize the peasantry with the working class to throw out the neoliberal/corporate policies!


KN Ramachandrran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

6th June 2020

BJP and its ministers are terming the central budget as gaon, gareeb and kissan (Village, poor, peasant) budget. But by slashing 13% NREGA allocation, how can it be “gaon, garib and Kissan” budget? Last year budget allocation for NREGA was Rs 71000 crore, now in this year budget amount is Rs 61500 crore! While slashing NREGA allocation and giving lakhs and lakhs of rupees to the corporate and the super rich, it is crystal clear that central budget is by the corporate, of the corporate and for the corporate.

In the budget, it was clearly stated that state governments have to undertake three new agriculture laws : 1) agricultural land leasing act 2018, 2) agricultural produce and 3) live stock marketing act 2017 and contract farming act 2018.

So it is totally clear that these laws are nothing but more serious attempt for corporatisation and contractualisation of our agriculture in the interest of corporates-foreign and domestic and rural super rich.

Without uttering a single word in the one hundred forty three minutes longest budget speech about land to landless, fair wage to agricultural workers, security to tenants and forest dwellers including tribals, remunerative prices of agricultural products and loan waivers of the peasants, budget can’t be called “ Garib and Kissan” budget. National committee of AIKKS urgently appeals to the all agricultural worker and landless the poor peasants, tenants, peasantry, tribal, dalit and women for a mighty and militant peasant movements for the whole country.

Struggles and struggles alone will be a fitting reply of the jumala of central budget of the BJP govt.

Pradip Singha Thakur

All India General Secretary

All India Krantikari Krishak Sabha (AIKKS)

Land for Tiller! Conference of Declaration for Right of Farm Land and housing right by the landless peasants including hundreds of Adivasis was held at Sulthan Batheri, Wynadu District. CPI (ML) Red Star PB Member Com P J James inaugurated the Struggle Declaration Right Conference. AIKKS Central Committee Member and leader of the Land Struggle Com M P Kunjikkanaran, AIKKS leader Com Sukumaran Attappadi, CPI (ML) Red Star State Executive member Com Sam P Mathew, Party District Secretary Com Premanand, Land Struggle leader Com K V Prakash etc addressed the conference.


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