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August 6 is commemorated world-wide as Hiroshima Day.  On that day, and again on August 9 at Nagasaki, atomic bombs were used for the first time. Their use against civilians was a war crime.

On August 15, Japan announced its surrender. That day (August 14 in the US and Europe) was long celebrated throughout Asia as Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day).

The defeat of Japanese imperialism, part of the fascist Axis bloc, was at the same time, the beginnings of US imperialism’s violent assault on the peoples of the world in its quest for total domination.

Today, 75 years later, the world economic and financial crisis and the Corona pandemic are driving   global imperialist rivalry and the rightward development and fascistisation occurring in many countries.

US imperialism emerged relatively unscathed from war against the fascist powers and embarked on a ruthless path towards superpower status. It faced a challenge from Soviet social-imperialism until the latter’s implosion in the 1990s, and recently has been confronted by China, where a restoration of capitalism has seen that country take the road to imperialist ambition.

The rivalry between the US and China is particularly acute in our Asian region with each power playing a dangerous game of economic and military push and shove against the other. At the same time, the pandemic is being used to erode people’s rights and to cushion the capitalists’ economic crisis by placing greater economic burdens on the shoulders of the working people.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that we find ways to lift the level of struggle against imperialism and fascism.

Hiroshima Day rallies and other commemorative events, even with social distancing restrictions, will provide opportunities for participation and correct messaging.

But we must also build organisation.  That is, we must strengthen and broaden our own individual parties and organisations as well as building the membership, reach and influence of the ICOR-ILPS initiative of the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front.

On August 6, support the call to:

Fight imperialism, and end military provocations and war exercises in our region!

Fight to defend democratic rights and freedoms and end state-driven trends to fascism!

Build the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front!

We Are pleased about the recently admitted new ICOR member, the Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB). Thus the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) has grown to 60 members, ten of them on the continent of Asia, which is by far the most populous continent. This strengthening of ICOR is an important signal in the time of increasing crisis-proneness of capitalism, currently the deep world economic and financial crisis and the Corona Pandemic associated with crises. The SPB is the second ICOR party in Bangladesh. Thus its membership also expresses that the revolutionaries today are approaching each other.

The SPB is a party whose roots go back to the liberation struggle against British imperialism. When it was founded in 1980, the comrades drew consequences from the revisionist betrayal of socialism in the Soviet Union and China. The party is closely linked to the manifold struggles of the popular masses, especially the workers and peasants in Bangladesh. Various mass organizations, including scientists and medical doctors, and a children's platform are affiliated with it. For the ideological-political education of its members, it organizes a system of study groups.

In the application for membership in the ICOR, the Secretary General Khalequzzaman writes: "We think our struggles at this moment are almost similar in nature. If we become a member of ICOR we can exchange our views and ideas more and it will help us wage our struggles together against our respective capitalist rulers and the world imperialist power as well.”

Since 1999, the SPB has been working for an alliance of all left forces in Bangladesh. Currently, this is the Left Democratic Alliance (LDA), in which, among others, both ICOR parties work together. These experiences are especially important for the construction of the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front, which the ICOR and the ILPS (International League of People's Struggles) have launched.

For further information, please see on the ICOR website www.icor.info.

We warmly welcome our comrades from Bangladesh. Welcome SPB!

Monika Gärtner-Engel

ICOR Main Coordinator

Since the murder of the African American George Floyd on 25 May in the city of Minneapolis, mass unrest is spreading and escalating in the USA. In the entire country, mostly young people are rising against police violence and racism and demanding justice. In the meantime this movement has become an international one with millions of participants. The responsible police officers must all be indicted and convicted! In the entire world the murder of George Floyd has become a symbol of racist oppression and people rally in the streets against it, and against the rightward development of imperialist governments – young and old, people of different skin colour together.

Racism has a long history in the USA. The often embittered struggles against it cost the lives of countless people. Racism has always been used as a method of division to counter the development of working-class solidarity. For years the resistance of African Americans has included the struggle against police violence. But there is more at issue with the current mass unrest. In the USA the world economic and financial crisis has led to a rapid increase of unemployment to currently 40 million, to poverty and misery, especially among the especially exploited and oppressed minorities. Many people can no longer pay their rent and are even losing their health insurance in the midst of the pandemic. The corona-crisis has already cost the lives of more than 100 000 people. The inter-penetration of the world economic and financial crisis, the corona-crisis, the environmental crisis and the economic relapse of US imperialism has developed an enormous impact and depth. This combines with an open political crisis and an intensification of societal polarization.

The Black population and the population originating from Latin America is especially affected by this development. A large part of the workers in the USA who are especially exploited and oppressed are Black! It is especially young people and women who see their futures threatened and are rising up against the effects of this imperialist social system! The demonstrations are encountered with brutal police violence. People are drawing their conclusions. Outrage, bitterness and anger are unleashed – but especially the determination to never again accept racism as a normality and the wish for societal alternatives.

The ruling class is developing a propaganda campaign of intimidation and division. In an openly anti-communist manner, Trump brazenly claims that the demonstrators are “radical left, anarchists and anti-fascists” and declares them to be “terrorists“. With the mobilization of the National Guard by different US governors at Trump's behest and his demand for the deployment of the US military to suppress the protests openly fascist methods are practiced. Trump shows that he's ready for anything. In the USA and worldwide people reject police brutality and growing repression and because of that question more and more the societal relations. The daily mass protests all over the country have among other things achieved that Trump has withdrawn the National Guard from Washington. Everywhere also police officers are deliberately siding with protesters.

Like in a burning glass, the entire crisis-proneness of capitalism and the continuing destabilization of the imperialist world system is expressed. This is a challenge for the workers and masses in the USA. They deserve the unshakable solidarity of the revolutionaries and masses of the entire world! The turmoil in the USA, in connection with the struggles being led worldwide, has the potential for a revolutionary movement for societal change. The strengthening of the revolutionary forces is of great importance! The ICOR will do everything to anchor genuine socialism as an alternative to the rotten imperialist system.

Organize solidarity with the struggling masses!

Long live international solidarity!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

ICOR Resolution,

June 9, 2020


Joint Statement by Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front (AIAFUF)

The Industrial Age saw capitalism progress, squeezed profits from human labor, amassed great wealth for a few and impoverished the masses. The 20th century saw the rise of monopolies, formation of financial oligarchies, the export of capital, international combines, and a world divided and redivided by war. It was also a battleground for socialism. The working-class and oppressed peoples fought, won and suffered setbacks. Yet, history goes forward.

The reintegration of former socialist countries into the world monopoly capitalist system aggravated the systemic and periodic crises of capital accumulation under capitalism. Before the close of the last century, a paradigm shift for neo-liberalism and liberal democracy ruled. The U.S.-led “War on Terror” and several regime changes failed to revitalize the economy. Fascism reared its ugly head passing the imperialist crisis on the working people and poor nations.

The financial crash of 2008 has led to worse crisis of the world capitalist system and to a far bigger fall of the financial and economic system in 2020 at a rate faster than that of the Great Depression of 1929 onwards. The neoliberal policy regime has become more bankrupt than ever resulting in unprecedented accumulation and inflation of assets of the financial oligarchy and monopoly bourgeoisie, unsustainable debts, depression of the economy as the consuming public is impoverished and the escalating contest of the fascist and anti-fascist currents throughout the world.

The current plunge of the world capitalist system coincides with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has become a greater crisis than it should be because the prevailing imperialist system and the current neoliberal economic policy has destroyed public health systems and also dictates to impose austerity on the people further enforced by the neoconservative policy of increasingly repressive and militarist measures. The accelerated enviromental crisis as well exacerbates the social, economic and health impacts of the pandemic and contributes to the emergence of new pandemics.

The number of the ailing and dying is staggering. Half of humanity is in lockdown. Desperate quarantine measures resulted in massive job and income losses. Suffering the most are workers, the unemployed, the youth, women and children, migrants, people of colour, the rural poor, and those in congested jails.

Trillions of dollars, Euros and Yuan seek a way out of the crisis. The police and the military, the coercive powers of the state, enforce stricter lockdowns and quell dissent. The people, even at home, are restless. They want a way out of the crisis. They want a stable and sustainable future.

Over a century of imperialism, of profit-driven plunder and wars, killed millions of people and will not save humanity. The people are crying out for systems change. Use the social wealth created by the working people to guarantee jobs and incomes, provide economic relief and medical services. Redistribution of wealth, taxing the rich, is not enough. Bailouts should not be for corporations. Production and exchange should be for the people. Socialism is the only viable alternative. We must nationalise strategic sectors including banks and financial systems and put these in the hands of the workers. Now should be the era for the common good.

In line with our long-term aspirations, we assert these immediate and urgent demands:

  1. Guaranteed incomes and benefits, cash grants and relief for the working people now.
  2. Epidemic management upholding peoples’ rights, mass testing and adequate health services for the people.
  3. Social protection for the farmers, workers and the toiling masses.
  4. No bailouts for big corporations, implement bail-outs for the working class.
  5. Cancellation, not simply relief, of onerous foreign debt of poor developing countries.
  6. Suspension and renegotiation of unequal trade agreements.
  7. Mobilize science and technology for the people.
  8. Nationalize public health systems, resist and condemn neoliberal polices.
  9. Respect democratic and human rights; release all political prisoners.
  10. Lift sanctions against 30 countries and territories including Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine and the DPRK.
  11. Re-channel military budget to public health and social services.

We need to educate the people, expose the roots of the crisis, know the needs of the people and find ways to support them, and oppose increasing militarism and fascist measures.

Fight back imperialism and fascism! Assert people’s welfare and rights! Struggle for sovereignty, democracy and socialism!

June 24, 2020

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.