WE are bidding farewell to 2020, and heralding the New Year at a very critical time. During 2020 at international level many people’s movements were taking place against the intensifying economic crisis, together the advent of neo-fascist governments in a number of countries. Then the Covid19 pandemic paralysed the world and the economic crisis became more serious. As the whole burden of all these were thrown over to the backs of the toiling and oppressed masses, they were further impoverished. Along with this they are more dis-empowered through draconian laws imposed using the Covid as a cover. In the process of suppressing people’s upsurges, to serve the neoliberal/corporate forces, in more countries neo-fascist rulers have come to power. Though the defeat of Trump in the US elections was a welcome development, in other countries the situation is becoming more challenging for the people.
So, even in providing the newly developed vaccines to all people, when the number of Covid patients is increasing every day, there is no transparency. The reactionary governments are creating a situation when the corporate forces, who develop these vaccines, can reap fabulous fortune at the cost of people. In this situation, as the ICOR has called, the progressive forces should come forward to strengthen the International Anti-Imperialist, Anti- Fascist United Front, demand that all the vaccines developed in various countries should be provided free to all the people, without allowing the corporates to loot the people. Similarly, as the Covid 19 virus is undergoing mutation and new, more dangerous viruses are surfacing creating more havoc as is happening in Britain now, the governments should be asked to take responsibility to ease the burden on the masses of people, to provide free treatment and economic assistance to them and more efficient methods for providing vaccines to all people very fast. But as many of the neo-fascists in power like Bolsenaro in Brazil are intensifying their anti-people policies rejecting these demands, worldwide revolts against imperialist forces and their junior partners for socialism is the need of the time.
2020 started amidst in a militant atmosphere in India when masses of the people were heroically fighting against the Citizenship Amendment Act imposed by Modi rule as part of its efforts to whip up Islamophobia. When the first case of Covid was detected in India, for almost two months, like other neo-fascists in power in a number of countries did, Modi govt neglected it, without taking any steps to prevent its spreading. At the same time it was used to cover up the already visible economic crisis and joblessness, and to suppress the Anti-CAA/NPR movement. Then, by abruptly announcing a lockdown, millions of workers were made jobless and shelterless, throwing them to great difficulties. Still Modi govt did not come to their rescue. Along with serious lapses in organizing the medical sector for facing the pandemic, no packages to help the affected people were provided, but all incentives were given to the corporates and the elites. Though the testing was limited to just 5% of the people, already more than 1 crore of people are affected. The economy which faced a severe contraction is now facing acute downfall.
In spite of it, Modi went for throwing out all the existing labour laws and replacing it with 4 labour codes to attract investors. Three Farm Acts were imposed through an ordinance and later bulldozed through the parliament for corporatization of agriculture, the National Education Policy 2020 was introduced for corporatization and saffronization of education along with other anti-people steps to take neoliberal/corporate policies to their peak. It was an arrogant fascist challenge against people, using the pandemic as a cover. But, exposing all misinformation campaign of Modi, the farmers’ struggle that started in Punjab as soon as the ordinance was issued, has taken an all India form with almost half million farmers marching and occupying the main roads leading to Delhi as they were prevented from entering the capital. While the neo-fascist Modi rule refuse to accept the demand of the farmers to repeal the 3 farm acts, more and more farmers are marching to besiege the capital indefinitely.
All revolutionary left forces including CPI(ML) Red Star and the working class, all oppressed classes and sections, along with all anti- BJP political and social forces are actively extending solidarity and supporting this movement spearheaded by the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha of more than 500 farmers’ organizations. Though the Modi-Shah team is engaged in viciously vilifying and dividing this movement, it is getting increasingly strengthened putting forward its anti-imperialist, patriotic demand to repeal corporatization of agriculture. Similar to the Anti-CAA, NPR movement, in all states centres are coming up in support of this farmers’ Gherao of the national capital. It is a great beginning for 2021, pregnant with great possibilities!
(Editorial, Red Star Monthly – January 2021)

In the history of our country 2019 will be remembered as a significant year.  If the six years of Bajpayee rule from 1998 to 2004 initiated the majoritarian Hindutva politics of RSS, and the five years of Modi-1 from 2014 to 2019 prepared the ground for fascistization in the country, the advent of Modi-2 following 2019 Lok Sabha elections with increased strength, has launched the fascist rule in aggravated form.

During the last six months it has amended and further brutalized all Black Laws, diluted RTI like democratic rights’ acts, cut down all democratic and service rights of the toiling classes, speeded up the neoliberal-corporate regime leading to recession of the economy impoverishing the masses, and initiated a series of fascist steps like scrapping of Article 370 reducing J&K to two union territories and imposing clamp down, turning Kashmir valley in to an open jail, published the NRC-Assam declaring more than 19 lakhs of people stateless, steam rolled the Ayodhya verdict handing over the land where Babri Masjid stood to the RSS parivar which had vandalized and then demolished the Masjid, to construct a Ram temple and passed the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) paving the way for countrywide NRC/NPR in the line of the Nuremburg Laws passed by Hitler’s Nazi government in 1935 by which German citizenship was restricted to those who were granted citizenship papers—legacy papers—by the Nazi regime. RSS leaders have declared that based on the Citizenship Amendment Act which denies citizenship to Muslims, all ‘persecuted’ Hindus from Islamic countries will be given citizenship, similar to Israel giving citizenship only to Jews. This is a hasty step towards transforming India in to a Hindu Rashtra, with the citizenship communalized, an act of blatant discrimination.

2019 is also significant for the extensive and powerful resistance movement breaking out against this RSS move, which will create conditions for another partition, spearheaded by the students across the country. While the saffronized police launched barbarous attacks on the students of Jamia University, it has further intensified the students’ upsurge all over the country, soon joined by all progressive democratic forces and broad sections people, challenging the Modi-2. All over the country a polarization of anti-RSS/BJP forces is taking place based on the issue of CAA and NRC (National Register of Citizen). It has opened the way for not only defeating the Modi-2 in all fields in the coming days, it is also creating the objective condition more favourable for a revolutionary social change overthrowing the forces of fascism and extreme reaction. The 2019 is ending and the New Year is dawning with the prospects of countrywide people’s movements against the Modi-2. Let us welcome the New Year with the determination to seize the opportunity, daring to struggle and daring to win the struggle for a new dawn!

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.