Com. Sivaram, the Odisha state secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star and its youngest Polit Bureau member, passed away at 11.20 pm on 28th May night after he was admitted for post-Covid complications in hospital at Bhubaneswar.
During the last 25 days he was in ICU and then in ventilator, we were getting daily reports from the hospital about his critical condition. Every day we were waiting for a positive turn. But in spite of our great hope, he left us. Red Salute com Sivaram, you will be remembered by the communist movement in this country for the hope and expectations you created among the masses, by building from scratch a powerful struggling slum people’s movement in Bhubaneswar, and based on this mass base the party and class/mass organizations in a number of districts of the state, taking the message of the party to most parts of the state. He consistently fought about all alien trends, and assimilating the importance of revolutionary mass line, organized hundreds of struggles. Moreover he was part of all big mass movements from Chilka movement onwards to anti-POSCO movement for which he had to face police attacks and detention. He was always active in the relief work along with the comrades, from the time of the super cyclone.
While building the party uncompromisingly struggling against all deviations from the revolutionary path, he could establish relations with all parties of the broad left spectrum and especially with the revolutionary left and struggling forces. He was recognized as a leading voice of the revolutionary left by all progressive forces.
The departure of such a energetic and young communist fighter at a time when the movement is struggling hard to overcome present great challenges is a big loss, which cannot be filled up easily. At this moment, it is not easy for all of us who knew him so well and worked with him, to get over the shock from his departure. But, his great revolutionary spirit demands us to overcome the shock, and carry forward the tasks for which he devoted his life. That will be the biggest tribute to him.
We can understand how grief stricken are com. Pramila, a great fighter who was always in the forefront of the movement together with him, and his life partner, and their son Sonu. We hope com. Pramila shall overcome it and console her son, as well as the tens of thousands of slum dwellers, workers, peasants and friends from all sections who are grief stricken at this unexpected loss.
Comrades of the whole party, friends and sympathizers of the communist movement, all democratic forces with whom we are leading numerous movements, let us try to turn our grief at the demise of our beloved Sivaram, in to revolutionary spirit and determination to march forward towards the communist future for which Sivaram entirely devoted his life.
Red Salute our beloved comrade Sivaram!
KN Ramachandra
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star
New Delhi
29th May 2021.

In one of his last orders delivered by a bench led by Justice Arun Mishra on 2nd September the Supreme Court has ordered the removal of 48,000 clusters of slums on both sides of railway lines in Delhi within three months. The SC ordered that there should be no judicial or political interference delaying or obstructing the demolition within the stipulated time. While giving this fascist order the SC did not bother to see that many of these families are staying for many decades in these slums. It has not bothered to think about where these 5 millions plus people who are citizens of this country with voter and ration cards shall go, if their shelters are dismantled without alternate arrangements.

Some of these clusters are so big that hundreds of families live in one cluster. So anywhere between 5 to 10 million people may be thrown out if this order is not opposed. As this is part of the measures to make the capital smart, it is clear that Arun Mishra, a die-hard RSS cadre, who was coopted to SC only more than an year back, but made the head of many benches out of turn, which had dealt sensitive issues, has acted at the behest of Modi government. They are working out plans to resist the order in the SC itself, and at the same time mobilizing the affected people to actively resist the demolition. At this critical time, the affected millions of families appeal for support of all progressive forces to their struggle to protect their houses. CPI(ML) Red Star Delhi state committee has called for united active resistance against this fascist order.

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.