Strengthening Alliance between European Neo-fascists and Hindutva Fascism

01 November 2019
Oppose Resist Neo-fascists and Hindutva Fascism

More information and comments on the 2-day trip of a 23-member delegation of European parliamentarians, the so called "influential decision-makers from the European Union" are pouring in from various sources. And the major critique coming from the Indian opposition against the Modi regime for facilitating this event that was managed by a self-styled NGO, an "International business broker" is with regard to its "deliberate internationalisation of the Kashmir issue", even as the latter has already been internationalised.

However, the more threatening but less discussed emerging trend associated with the event is a well-marked unholy alliance between the neo-fascists in Europe and India. Even as UN Human Rights Council is denied permission to visit Kashmir, this trip from the ultraright sections of the European political-financial elite should be viewed as an ingenious move to impart a firm ideogical basis for the surging fascistisation in India including the Constitutional coup on Kashmir.

For, as reports indicate, these EU parliamentarians who are visiting Kashmir belong to the far-right, xenophobic, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic neo-fascist parties such as AFD of Germany, Brexit Party of Britain, Forta Italia, National Rally France, etc. who are engaged in an anti-communist pan-European fascist alliance against working class, immigrants and refugees.
In the mad pursuit of seeking international support for its fascistic offensive on Kashmir, the Modi govt has already made the biggest sell-out of Indian economy to all imperialist powers, the US, EU, Japan and China. And the scheduled Global Investors Meet in Srinagar in forthcoming November is in continuation of this anti-national move. Now the current Kashmir visit of the European neo-fascists is in conformity with the corporate interests of the internationalised finance capital.

This calls for more serious understanding on the part of genuine anti--fascist forces for building up effective resistance against neoliberal fascism including Hindutva fascism. Unlike classical fascism, contemporary neo-fascism needs to be analysed in the context of internationalisation of capital and the efforts on the part of twenty-first century fascists the world over for effective ideological-poltical coordination against world people. That is, on the one hand, corporate fascists are using all avenues at their disposal to disorganize and fragment resistance against them, on the other, they are succeeding in establishing the required ideological-poltical basis for fascistisation. The Kashmir- visit of European neo-fascists is to be seen in this perspective.

P J James

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.