Editorial - The Marxist Leninist, Issue # 19 - January 2017

07 February 2017

THE last issue of The Marxist-Leninist (Issue no.18) had come out in May last year. The four studies published in that issue (The Significance of Observing the Centenary of October Revolution; On Mythologizing the Past: A Strategy to make the People Uncritical; Caste and Class: Achilles Heel of the Indian Revolution; and Global Ecological Crisis: Sustainability and Equity Issues) were discussed at Central Party School to State and District level party schools. Another issue could not be published in the last eight months. Now the next issue (no. 19) is now coming out in January, 2017, with two articles to be presented in the Central Seminars organized at Hyderabad and Delhi in connection with the centenary of October Revolution. Five more such papers; October Revolution and its relevance to Indian revolution; October Revolution and the role of proletariat and the peasantry; October Revolution and women; October Revolution and culture; and October Revolutio and internationalism and nationalism to be presented in central seminars at Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Chennai, and Mumbai shall be published in the next issue. This issue also includes two articles of fraternal organizations written in the context of the centenary of October Revolution and two articles related to expanding the Marxist approach towards ecological and developmental questions.

The degeneration of the former socialist countries from the socialist path has raised the basic question regarding the building of an alternative to the capitalist imperialist system dominating the humankind today. It is focussing this aspect the paper: Approach towards Socialist Construction and Development Based on Sustainability and Equality is drafted, inviting serious discussion of this matter. Similarly, the paper: Imperialism Today deals with the transformation that has taken place in the imperialist system compared to what it was during the October Revolution. Such studies and discussions over them are very much required in the context of the setbacks suffered by the communist movement. We are reproducing two articles appeared in the central organs of Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA and Bolshvik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey) explaining their evaluation of the contributions of October Revolution. We hope that these articles will help to understand the approach of the fraternal forces towards this question

As the gravity of the ecological catastrophe confronting the humankind is intensifying day by day important studies are coming out to analyse how the Marxist school from the beginning approached this question. Similar to vulgarization of other basic Marxist positions, the so called “left’ schools like the Frankfurt School, Ecosocialism groups, ‘Westrn Marxist’ studies etc have come out with misinterpretations of the Marxist approach towards ecological questions also. The article: Marx’s Ecology and the Left by John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark, reproduced from The Monthly Review is a very good attempt to expose these various schools and to show that how Marx has shown tht it is the capitalist system which primarily causes the ecological challenges faced by the humankind.

Based on his studies on capitalism, Marx had shown how the development model pursued under it has turned the relation between nature and humankind antagonistic. Based on this we have to challenge the propaganda that climate change crisis is “anthropogenic”. Just by being human, by living in a human society - we have not created the climate crisis. This is a “gift” of the dominant industrial capitalist ‘System’, and should be identified as such - a “systemic” origin crisis. There are many smaller societies who still live within the limits set by nature, who use ‘resources’ but do not plunder nature. And unless the capitalist logic of endless growth is thrown out and replaced by a nature-respecting, equity oriented, just political economy, there is no possibility of stopping catastrophic climate crisis, or the many other crises that it has spawned like global warming. The last two articles published in this issue shall help to carry forward this debate.

We look forward to critical appraisal of the views published in all these articles. Then only the theoretical offensive to develop the Marxist-Leninist understanding according to present concrete conditions will take place in the real sense. 

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