Unnao and Kathua: Latest in the series of Rapes used as Weapon by Brahmanical Fascists

14 April 2018
The brutal rape and murder of an eight-year old Muslim minority child girl in Kathua in J&K followed by the rape of a minor girl and murder of her father in police custody in Unnao in Yogi' s UP are the latest in the series of rapes committed by Sangh Parivar fascists in various parts of India. The Kathua crime which by this time has earned international fame for Modi regime is unparalleled in its brutality. According to the charge sheet filed, which was made possible because of the presence of an upright police officer, the custodian of the temple where the girl was raped and killed, his son and nephew together with four police officials are directly involved in the crime. The accused after performing puja, drugged the child, raped her for one week and finally battered her to death.

Two BJP ministers of J&K, Choudhary LAL Singh and Chandler Prakash Ganga had led the rally by RSS affiliated Hindu EKTA Manchester along with advocates of the 'Rape Parivar' for obstructing the filing of charge sheet by the police in the court. In Unnao too, the intervention of Allahabad High Court was needed to arrest the BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who along with his Parivar accomplices abducted and raped the minor girl followed by cold-blooded blooded murder of her father with the backing of official machinery. The tragedy in Unnao and Kathua like similar cases in Gujarat when Modi was the chief minister is that the law and order machinery was also in league with the Parivar rapists.

Rape of women especially minor girls and children is a time tested device practiced by the Nazis to subjugate opponents. Indian fascists emulating this practice has been systematically using this weapon against Minorities and Dalits. Savarkar himself had advocated rape as a strategic weapon against Muslims and in his writings he even criticised Shivaji for letting free the daughter-in-law of the Muslim Kalyan king whom Shivaji had defeated.

In Kathua too, the perpetrators of this crime against humanity was imbibed by the Brahmanical ideology of 'rape as a strategic device' to target the nomadic Muslim community to which the girl belonged.

While the Modi regime and BJP leadership are sidelining the issue as insignificant, the Sangh Parivar outfits are spitting venom on the victims and their family with intensified vigour. It is high time on the part of all democratic forces to rise to the occasion to end this biggest-ever threat the country is facing - Article by Comrade P J James for Red Star Weekly, Issue # 12 (Vol 7), 14th April 2018
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