07 May 2018
NOTED jurist and champion of human rights’ movement, Justice (retired) Rajinder Sachar passed away in Delhi. He was 94. He passed away at a private hospital.

A distinguished advocate for the protection of human rights, Justice Sachar was a former Chief Justice of Delhi and Sikkim High Courts.

He vociferously promoted the cause of human rights and poor and had special love for the people of Kashmir and Northeast who are fighting for their right of self-determination. All through he was active in the socialist movement and was a close front of all communist revolutionary organizations. Many of his articles were published in Red Star

Justice Sachar was also head of People’s Union of Civil Liberty (PUCL). He authored many reports on Kashmir and human right movement.

The CPI(ML) Red Star expresses its deep sorrow in the departure of its close friend Justice Sachar.
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