Do Real Facts Justify Eulogising of Departed Jaitly by Political Establishment and Corporate Media as a Great Statesman? He may be statesman for corporate class and RSS parivar, not for the working class and the downtrodden, oppressed masses!

26 August 2019

Do Real Facts Justify Eulogising of Departed Jaitly by Political Establishment and Corporate Media as a Great Statesman?

He may be statesman for corporate class and RSS parivar, not for the working class and the downtrodden, oppressed masses!

The former finance minister Arun Jaitly passed away on 24th august due to illness. His departure is being celebrated as the greatest current event by the ruling class’ political establishment, the corporate chiefs and the corporate media. He is presented as a great statesman and his death as a great loss to the country. Yes, he served his class masters, the coporate bosses and the RSS establishment with full sincerity and loyalty throughout his life. He can be appreciated for that. But, what is remaining of the CPI(M), its leaders in Kerala, the LDF chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his finance minister Thomas Issac join the band wagon of RSS leaders and corporate class eulogising Jaitly as a great statesman, it become our duty to speak out what should be the communist approach at the demise of such reactionary, ruling class leaders.

Yes, Jaitly was a very important leader of the BJP, one of its Chanakyas, who did many great things to help BJP to come to present powerful political position, including helping Modi from getting removed from the chief ministership after Gujarat pogrom by convincing then prime minister Vajpayee not to do so. He had served the RSS, BJP and the corporate forces excellently. He was a good orator, lawyer and manipulator who used his capabilities efficiently to serve the communal fascist forces and the corporate class like Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee like leaders did in Congress. So, we can understand why the whole brahmanical forces, RSS establishment and corporate forces eulogising him. But, did he do anything in the service of the working class, the vast majority of the downtrodden people in this country?

Let us make a glance through his services! As an efficient lawyer, he represented Union Carbide chief Anderson to save him after the Bhopal gas massacre, and the great service he did to the corporate kings is continued by his daughters’ firm loyally. As far as his great service in the cricket field is concerned, he was president of DDCA (Delhi & District Cricket Association) for 13 years till 2013. How he used this position for corrupt practices was exposed by then BJP MP and cricketor Kirti Azad as well as by the AAP chief Kejriwal. As a BJP leader, both inside and outside parliament he did every thing to defend the fascist RSS and was part of all reactionary moves for its ascendance to present position. As far as his popularity is concerned, in 2014 elections, in spite of the ‘Modi wave’, in Amritsar seat he was defeated by 94000 votes by Congress leader Amrinder Singh. Still he was made Rajya Sabha member and finance minister in Modi government with second ranking position. As finance minister, he could get the GST through which serves well the interests of corporate giants, but which goes against the federal principles of the Constitution and which aggravated the economic down turn started from the time of demonetisation. The present economic slow down and crisis are the result of his five years as finance minister when everything was done to serve the corporate forces, like Ambani and Adani. Many lakhs of crores were given as loans from public sector banks to fictitious companies floated by corporates close to him and BJP, which were later written of as Non Performing Assets. His relation with these corporate thugs was so close that Vijay Mallya flew outside to Britain just hours after meeting Jaitly. Yes, he was a great finance minister for the corporate thugs, to BJP and to his family firm. If a former finance minister Chidambaram is now under CBI custody, if a truthful investigation is done Jaitly could be charged for manifold murky dealings similar to what is accused against Chidambaram. That he was on the right side and so escaped from so many of these allegations, does not mean that he is exonerated and was a great statesman!
What was Jaitly’s approach to the so many terror attacks like Malegaon case organized by Pragya Thakur like RSS forces, to the mob lynchings by the gorashaks and other RSS gangs, to the saffronization of education, culture, history and other fields? To the utterances of RSS chief Mohan Bhagvat who has even called for opening discussion on reservation> He was an outright RSS man who served the corporate class to the best of his capacity, while making his family to gallop financially, which can be proved easily if an investigation is done. So, it will be a travesty of facts if he is presented as a great finance minister, statesman etc etc without mentioning which class he served all through his life and to his loyalty to fascist RSS. So, one should not be surprised at all if the coporate class, RSS establishment and the ruling political establishment eulogise him and shed tears at his departure.

But, it is a shame that the CPI(M) leaders who still claim themselves as communists also join the band wagon of the Sanghi fascists and corporates to eulogise him as a great finance minister and what not. It shows to what extent these name-sake communists has degenerated! It shows what a great disservice these renegades and corporate lackeys are doing to the working class and to the communist movement. Let us draw clear our line of demarcation with them. Unlike these renegades, Jaitly outrightly and with full sincerity served his corporate masters and the RSS ideology and establishment openly and boldly. He never betrayed his masters and ideology. We can appreciate him for that, while exposing Vijayan, Issac like renegades who unlike Jaitly are renegades betraying the class they claim to serve.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star.

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