05 November 2019

To, The General Secretary

Frontline Socialist Party of Lanka

The CPI (ML) Red Star cordially extends its revolutionary greetings to the Frontline Socialist Party of Lanka on the occasion of your 3rd National Congress scheduled on October 13, 2019. We wholeheartedly declare our fraternal solidarity with the revolutionary commitment and spirit with which you strive for a socialist transformation in your country as well as your Party’s dedication in building up the anti-imperialist world proletariat movement at this critical juncture that calls for more vigorous solidarity among workers and oppressed peoples the world over. 

Comrades, from the Americas and Europe to Asia, world people today are confronting a wave of neo-fascism whose foundation is invariably the terrorist dictatorship of globalised finance capital. Instead of the open military coups, fascist parties and organisations with far-right socio-economic and political agenda have become capable to ascend to power in many countries through ballots even with formal, bourgeois constitutional edifice or keeping apparent features of parliamentary democracy. With its common manifestations such as terrorism, xenophobia, ethnic/racial cleansing, extermination of minorities, immigrants and refugees, super-exploitation of working class, elimination of democratic rights, militarisation, ecological catastrophe, etc., the tyranny of finance capital being inflicted on working class and oppressed at a global level is of hitherto unknown magnitude albeit with variations according to national and regional specificities. 

Today the people of India, for instance, are confronting the biggest threat in the form of corporate-Hindutva fascism, an interpenetration and close merger between corporatisation and saffronisation (Brahmanical Hindutva). When the RSS-led BJP, the leading arch-reactionary Indian ruling class party today, that serves the interests of the most corrupt corporate capital, both imperialist and Indian and at the same time acting as a junior partner of US imperialism in South Asia, with its firm control over the entire Indian state apparatuses is unleashing the tyranny of finance capital on the vast majority of people comprising women, workers, peasants, dalits, and minorities, the other ruling class parties like Congress and even the social democrats  having no alternative to neoliberal-corporatisation that forms the basis of fascism, are groping in the dark or in disarray.  In this critical situation, the CPI (ML) Red Star together with revolutionary, struggling left and like-minded forces having firm position against neoliberalism is taking up the initiative for an anti-fascist offensive with an ideological clarity. 

Comrades, though imperialist world system is going from crisis to more crises and is in exhaustion, until being thrown out through a revolutionary intervention by the international proletariat, the imperialists will continue to find out a way even out of the deepest crisis. Hence it calls for a united international effort on our part to put forward a revolutionary alternative with ideological-political clarity. In this context, we congratulate the earnest efforts on the part of the Frontline Socialist Party in fulfilment of this international task. As a member of ICOR, we are also upholding this task of building up an anti-imperialist international front against the emerging neo-fascist threat together with all revolutionary organisations at the international level. 

The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star congratulates you for holding the 3rd National Congress of Frontline Socialist Party of Lanka and wish a great success for it. n

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.